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Our beta phase is finally over. Download The Ninth Age: Fantasy Battles, 2nd Edition now!

Von Blonde Beer,

Dear Recruits, dear Veterans,

in the last months a lot of digital ink has been spilled on the issue of how to win new souls to our amazing universe. we read quite often that "the game is too complex", "the rules are too long", "players need too many miniatures" (and thus too much time and gold to invest in the hobby are needed), and while a simplified version of the game had already been released, it became obvious that much work was needed to update this entry-level ruleset to the standards of the upcoming V2.0.

So a few enthusiasts gathered together under the guidance of @DJWoodelf , also called "the wise" (or "the wicked", depending on the day) and they worked relentlessly to create a ruleset that allows new player to get a first idea of what a true Rank and File tabletop wargaming system feels like.
They tried to make the game simple, fast, immersive, fun, cheap and balanced and their efforts have almost come to an end: you will soon get the chance to download and read the new rules! They will be released together with a small document containing reduced armylists for each faction and in addition to these regular armylists that will allow you to build your custom armies, the QS ruleset will also contain a premade list for each faction. Just one or two characters and two or three units: the very core of a budding army.

Today we have the pleasure of sharing with you these premade lists.
You might remember them from the forum discussions that lead to their elaboration or you might have seen threads with pictures of the amazing tiny armies put together by the forum users (check out the ones for the Empire of Sonnstahl and for Orc and Goblins! (link & link)
[aThe community has been heavily involved in the creation and in the representation of these lists. and we couldn't be more grateful for all the input we received from you.
That's why, even if the rules are not quite perfected yet, we decided to let you have a peek at the premade lists:

(We also already have an Italian version of these lists ready to go.. check those here).

We hope you will enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed creating them and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

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