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Von Blonde Beer,

We proudly announce the upcoming 2019 WTC OPEN (World Team Championships) to happen in Herford (Germany) from 26.-28.04 2019 as an official T9A event.
It will take place in the Ice Skating Rink in Herford with room for up to 550 players and is envisioned to be an event for wargamers across the world.

The event will start with a 2000 pts singles Opening-Event on Friday evening. The Main Event will be a 4500p 5-player team event with 5 games extending over Saturday and Sunday. Food and drinks will be included in the entry fee.

Most important: the events are free for everyone to register and for the Opening Event, there are no restrictions on participation as it is an open event. For the Main Event anyone can register a team that applies in accordance with to the Team composition rules. These rules simply require your team be associated with your country to compete for the World Team Championship!

For detailed information see the READER and HOMEPAGE.
First phase of registration will run until 31.12.2018 via the online REGISTRATION FORM.

Be part of a mindblowing nerd-experience and meet up with plenty of T9A staff and some of the best and well known players out there. Let´s all meet in Herford 2019!

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