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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Blonde Beer,

Issue 12 is here!

This issue of The Ninth Scroll is jampacked with some great content! We are all eagerly awaiting the new Daemon Legions Army Book and this issue will be displaying the last of the sneak previews of that book, which means the release is just around the corner! Not only have you got a preview of the Daemons book, the battle report from this issue also will showcase another new auxiliary book for the Warriors of the Dark Gods; The Mahkar Khans!

These warriors from the steppes are a mix of Warriors of the Dark Gods with a hint of Ogre Khans and a sprinkle of fast Mongolian-inspired horse archers. Time to bring out those historical models you have been keeping in the cupboard these past few years.
Speaking of historical figures, our company showcase this month is Fireforge Games. They have a great range of historical and fantasy models. Their Mongolian
range would be perfect for anyone inspired by the new Makhar Khans book. And Christmas is just around the corner! Feel free to give other Mahkar Khans miniature suggestions on the forums in the scroll feedback thread.

Some of you have been asking about background information and where to find it. The 9th Scroll has been publishing Background Compendiums of almost all of
the races over the last year. We compiled the list below of the 9th Scroll’s and which compendiums are in which issue, just to make it easier for you to find! I`ve also included some previously published but seldom noticed background teasers in this month’s scroll.

Races and use of magic: Scroll 5
EoS: Scroll 5
KoE: Scroll 5
DE: Scroll 6
VS: Scroll 6
Other Human Nations: Scroll 7
ID: Scroll 7
OK: Scroll 8
SE: Scroll 8
Other human nations (complete): Scroll 8
HE: Scroll 9
BH: Scroll 9

For ease of download and viewing, we again have 2 versions.

The FULL version (maybe not best suited for smartphones):

And the MOBILE version:

Please leave any feedback you have inthis topic.
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