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Von Bugman,

Fellow Legionaries,

As the time of 12 advent days before Christmas draws near, and like all traditions before, we will open a daily window to the new Daemon Legions rules and entries currently being finalized. Note that this army book has been constructed from the ground up, bringing something fresh and new to the game.

So, on the first day of Advent, Father Chaos brought me:

Casting rolls made by models in a Daemon Legion army with one or two dice gain a +1 modifier. For casting rolls with a single magic dice, a natural roll of 1 or 2 is always a failed casting attempt, regardless of any modifiers. In addition, each player adds +2 Veil Tokens to their Veil Token pool in the Magic Phase during Siphon the Veil, when they are the active player.

At the start of each friendly Player Turn, you may choose a friendly unit within the Commanding Presence range of the model with Dominion. All R&F models in the chosen unit are affected as described in the Dominion rule in the character's unit entry. Effects last until next player turn.

These rules help set the tone for the whole army. Firstly, Daemons are a magically powerful faction, spending most of their lives in the Immortal Realm which is formed of pure magic. Being highly practised in the use of this mysterious substance, they are powerful spellcasters when they enter the mortal realm. In addition, they are adept at sensing and channelling all available magic in the vicinity, creating relatively saturated environments wherever they go. This provides extra power for all mages - friends and enemies alike.

As Daemons gain power, so to do they gain freedom of will and an ability to influence or command less powerful Daemons beneath them. The greatest Daemons exert tremendous control - or Dominion - over their underlings, guiding not only their decisions and strategy, but even their forms and abilities.

See you on the battlefield!

T9A Team
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