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Von Bugman,

Hello Fellow Legionaries,

We are near Fellow Legionaries, for Father Santa has heard your desires and today gifts us....

Hoarders - 0-3 units per army
large, bests, 40x40 base

HoardersAdv5”Mar10”Dis8Supernal, Fearless, Scoring, Fear, Strider
Att3Off3Str4AP1Agi2Tightening Grasp

Tightening Grasp : Special Attack.
The model gains Grind Attacks (X), and can make Grind Attacks as Supporting Attacks. When the model is not Engaged in Combat, X is set to 0.At the end of each Round of Combat, X is increased by +1 (e.g. Grind Attacks (0) becomes Grind Attacks (1)).


May upgrade one model to each of the following:

Standard Bearer

May take two Manifestations:

Grasping Proboscis
Divining Snout
Smothering Coils
Unnatural Roots
Kaleidoscopic Hide

A jibbering mass of tentacles and greed, Hoarders are here to stay and be your anvil to face even the mightiest foe. And more they stay, more they became dangerous for their enemy.

See you on the Battlefield!

T9A Team
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