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Von Bugman,

Hello Community,

Did you remember The Ninth Age was searching for its very own Goblin mascot? It was quite some time ago, in a News article

Well, after wondering about some internal stuff which was recently messed up with no explanation, we sent a full investigation team and there he was!

Unfortunately, when our inquisitors tried to put a name on the Goblin and his pet, all they could get was unbelievable stories along with a series of names.

As we couldn't quite sort the truth from the many lies, we would like to get your help.

We have a selection of names (along with a story for each) for you, the community to decide upon!

How do we need to call the Goblin mascot and his pet?
  • Fozale and Nofozale
  • Karz the Junk Seller and Trukz
  • Klepa and Fleabag
  • Nilbog and Flow
  • Oswald and Graf von Wolfungzen
  • Rufus and Doofus

Please have a read of the mascots' names and stories posted and click here and make your vote count!

Better be quick, these goblins are pesky things!

See you on the battlefield!

T9A Team
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