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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Blonde Beer,

An update for the Dark Gods and their followers!

Today sees the release for a couple of our gaming documents. These are as follows:

Army Book updates:

Warriors of the Dark Gods (Pre-Gold update)

Deamon Legions (one more step towards Gold)

Supplement update:


These updates are mostly about bringing both books a bit more closer to the overall power-level of all the armies in the Ninth Age, but also sees a number of changes in the rules to not only change the internal & external balance, but also help with ease of play for both yourself, and your opponent. We also see some specific changes in the Deamon Legion book to promote internal balance and help give each unit a place in your army.
With this last update we hope to have WDG at the place where we want it to be for now, and we expect the next update to be the final "Gold version". We expect the DL book to undergo a couple of more updates to get everything working as intended.

We also have a specific explanation for the change to the WDG Ledger of Souls from our design team:

Display Spoiler
What is the reason for the big change to the Ledger of Souls?
We had several problems with it:
Balance problem: peak power was seen as too much, Ledger was a staple of most top performing lists
Background problem: using models for The Sacrifice and for Ledger at the same time is close to impossible as soul is used for empowering the spell.
Flavor problem: using water to force your unit in Dangerous terrain and getting Veil tokens was seen as not very Warrior like.

Our goal with this change was to fix all this complains plus have less tribalism. This is why Ledger now only works on enemy Attacks (so no The Sacrifice and no Dangerous terrain deaths) and on all WDG models except War Hounds. There is a concern that roadblocking chaff would give Veil tokens, this is why range of Ledger was lowered to 9" and there is some risk reward factor in using this tactics. The downside is that it feels counter intuitive as the army is made to play wide and this item forces you to bunch up, but on the other hand original concept of this item was area shooting protection. Enemy is punished if shooting at something in that area, giving him reason to shoot your other units.

For balance concerns we also removed one part of Ledger and put it into Orb of Foreboding. As much as Orb looks fun, it was a hit or miss. Basically first dice of the game determined if this item gave you a substantial boost or nothing. This makes it hard to price and since it was the least used WDG item we decided to drop it for one part of Ledger rule. You can use new Orb without Ledger in augment style armies that want to save veil tokens for later when they get into combat.

We will also release updates for the Makhar in the very near future to round out this release update.
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