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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Calisson,

Let me give the floor to Lich King, who has prepared a fantastic gift for you all!
Although it is not an official campaign, it is a superb Homebrew campaign done with the help of several official team members, and anyway, who cares, what matters is how fun it will be!

Lich King wrote:

Hey everybody!

My name is Tom (@‘Lich King‘) and a few weeks ago I‘ve had a spontaneous idea – relentlessly gnawing on my mind, wanting me to release it to the world of T9A and it’s community! I tried to fight it down for a while, telling myself the task was too big for one man on his own.

And then I met Marcel (@‘Adaephon_Delat‘) – first here in our forum due to some conversations in the painting league subforums, then we met in St. Augustin (Germany, near to Bonn) in the Holy Halls of the Privateer Posa Boyz! So, Marcel and me had our first game against each other there and yeah – pacts were made, hands were shaked, beers were shared! I had found that one guy, who could give me the support needed to make my idea come true! Later I also added @‘Eldan‘ and other well-known background experts to my task group.

And now – here it is: a global, community driven T9A campaign called „The Fight for Avras! For those of you, who might have missed to discover our fascinating T9A background – that’s your chance to do so! But it is much more than that – you don’t need to be a fluff bunny that writes its own background stories and loves digging deeper into the T9A world. You could also be focusing on finishing a painting project – you will probably find enough like-minded people to motivate each other in keeping on. Or you’re training for a upcoming tourney? That’s just as well as the points listed above – you’d write down some battle reports while reflecting your battles and share them with us in case you’re looking for feedback on your list and playstyle. Same goes out for setting up homebrewd unit entries, special scenarios, building terrain features and so on.

So, a whole lot to explore and you decide at which aspects of our beloved hobby you want to set your focus. All these tasks will be rewarded with so called „Influence Points“. They’re representing how much influence your alliance has gathered in „The Fight for Avras“. Speaking about alliances, there will be three starting alliances:
  • Unpredictable Threats: VS, WDG, DL, UD, SE, SA
  • Pro Status Quo: VC, ID, KoE, HBE, BH
  • Contra Status Quo: EoS, DH, DE, OK, OnG
The bolded armies will be the starting armies for the alliances while the others will be unlocked just like Stretch Goals in a Kickstarter – that’s why we call them this way: „Stretch Goals“! The first Stretch Goals will look as follows:
Contra Status Quo:
Renew the pacts! (50+ Influence Points for Contra Status Quo 'Alliance'):
The Dwarven Holds army is from now on able to join the campaign.

Pro Status Quo:
Not men win wars - money does! (50+ Influence Points for Pro Status Quo 'Alliance'):
The Infernal Dwarves army is from now on able to join the campaign.

Unpredictable Threats:
The right place to gain glory in the Dark Gods' name! (50+ Influence Points for Unpredictable Threats 'Alliance'):
The Warriors of the Dark Gods army is from now on able to join the campaign.

So, sooner or later all armies will be unlocked to join „The Fight for Avras“! On this way, we’ll evolve the narrative storyline for the campaign – trying to add in your best background stories and coolest battle reports. The ultimate goal will obviously be gathering the most Influence Points to become the Proconsul of Avras in the end. If this doesn’t already sound interesting enough for you to join us, then be assured that the best content for our campaign will also be shown in upcoming 9th Scrolls and on all the available social media platforms.

The campaign will start at the 1st of August, giving participants enough time to build up some miniatures, writing army lists or working out background stories for their armies, and it is planned to end at the 31st of October!

You can find us on our own subforum:…for-avras-a-fun-campaign/

There you’ll also find the Background Introductions for our starting armies, just in case your curious for what you may expect storywise! Just follow this link:…-background-introduction/

Feel free to leave us some comments or questions and maybe you even want to join us there!

Tom (Lich King)
Let me insist:
- No need to play (you're welcome to), no need to have any model (you're welcome to), no need to know any fluff (you're welcome to, and to develop your own), total freedom!
- There will be some background developments, as close as possible from official BG.
- Plenty of very active players have joined already, more to come - what are you waiting for?
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