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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Bugman,

Hello Community!,

It’s early August and that can mean only one thing, the European Single Championship and the European Team Championship are upon us.

For those unaware, the ESC/ETC is a tabletop miniature tournament have been held yearly since 2006. 2018 saw over a 1000 people from around the world descend to Zargreb to play 9th Age along with Flames of War and 40k. Many side events take place covering their games like X wing and Infinity. This years event takes place in Novi Sad, Serbia.

A number of Teams, persons and websites dedicate their time and resources to allow you all to follow the rise and fall of players and teams.

Here is a small (soon to grow) collection of Twitter-Accounts, Facebookpages, Board addresses, Twitch and Youtube channels centered on the games on the ESC and ETC.

If you want to see your team, group or reporting stream up here, please message @Just_Flo

See you on the Battlefield!

Twitter Accounts and Hashtags around the ESC/ETC:

Team Scotland twitter (#ScotlandETC2019 and #Gitsontour)

Soon your nations Twitter if you send the link to Just_Flo!

National Teams Facebook pages:








Pink team (mixed between Italy and Luxembourg)




Soon your nations facebook page if you send the link to Just_Flo

Twitch Channels dedicated to the ESC/ ETC:
Just_Flo’s Twitch Channels hosting 5 different games at the same time:,,,,

Soon your Twitch Channel if you send the link to Just_Flo

Youtube Channels dedicated to the ESC/ ETC:
Math-CD’s YouTube Channel "Mate ces dés" (it is in French)

Soon your Youtube Channel if you send the link to Just_Flo

Private Facebook pages:

ElRays Coverage, photos and interviews:

A french Mercenary:…xBZnokP9PN8OzMIUzVezGOlZA

The official Facebook page of the ETC 2019:
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