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Von Blonde Beer,

Greetings everyone.

We have a big survey for all the members in our community.

This is one of the best ways to help if you want to help out with increasing the internal balance of your army books, and give us clear community feedback for use for the next balance update of the army books.

This is the best way for us in RT to gather a wide spread Goblin net of data, so please take the time to enter these surveys for the armies you play.

Each army book has its own survey.

Rate entries for their internal balance; how strong they are compared to other comparable options in the same armybook. E.g. a unit compared to other units in the book, or a weapon option compared to other weapon options (on the same unit).
Ranking is done on scale from 1-5
1: Much internally overpowered. Present in most builds
2: Internally strong. Clearly above average
3: Balanced internally
4: Internally weak, Clearly below average
5: Much internally underpowered. Present in almost no builds
Note that the 1-5 grading scale here is independent of the overall power level of this armybook relative to other books.
Even if the book is a terrible compared to others, there should still be entries that are internally weaker than the rest, and ones that are almost auto-include. Equally, the book could be the best book around, and there could still be entries that are very poor in comparison to the rest of the book, and thus score a '5'.
Put differently, this ranking scheme is about comparing the points efficiency of a unit against the points efficiency of other units in the same book.

The Surveys:


Thanks in advance!

The RT
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