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Von Blonde Beer,

My Queen,

Your Eyes have continued following the increased traffic of corsair slaver vessel to and from Silexia. As you know our efforts to infiltrate the Infernal Dwarves military organization trough vassals held under a tight grip is ongoing. Despite the ongoing ID threat assessment our immediate concern is of course our Daeb cousins. A particular Corsair that we have been watching make a name for himself delivering slaves to the hobgoblins, is Noir. His tenacity on raids and pursuit of fresh commodities is troubling. Always a thrill seeker and quick to follow the highest payout, he was last seen assisting Petreopatroklos, a Beast Master in search of new and exotic monsters to integrate into Daeb military tactics. Beccam bless us if these monsters assail our shores.

We have discovered that Sir_Joker has been bankrolling some of these excursions from his seat in the Tower of Gar Daecos, a Republic economic advisor. The high volume of trade with Infernal Dwarves has to be amassing a sizeable buildup of resources but to what end? A pair of noble delegates have frequently been spied associating with Sir_Joker at court, Giladis and Blackheart. We are not sure if this association is happenstance or evidence of a larger network of motivated hawkish nobles with ample resources or merely pursuit of personal fortune. Blackheart is of noble blood, but also a recent Academy graduate with distinction. His place at court influencing policy and doctrine is reported to be well earned despite his younger age. He is reported to have been personally advised by Giladis on matters of military history and decisive battles of renown during his Academy Training.

More disturbing are reports that General SmithF is building a private army of substantial size. His exploits are well known and his Captain, SirMC2015, once retired and living a carefree life watching servants harvest “Skooma” has been recalled to duty at personal request. EchoCTRL an Academy Drillmaster has been steering recent graduates meeting his high threshold criteria to this private army.The exact purpose of this private army is not know nor is there a direct connection linking these court nobles to SmithF. We shall attempt to follow the money trail, but we hope it leads to usable intel before this private army is met firsthand up close and personal. Given some of the excursions have been to Saurian territory, we can only pray these expeditions are only in search of exotic animals, and not also a prelude to some grand Expedition force in search of Ancient artifacts. Attempting to connect all these individuals to some grand plan can lead to reckless paranoia but we should never underestimate our dreadful kin.

The truth shall make you free,
Watcher 117

Hello Republic citizens,

I am pleased to introduce the full DE LAB

Coach - Nightwun
RT - Sir_Joker -
BGT - Giladis
BGT - Blackheart
ADT - echoCTRL
ADT- Petreopatroklos
ADT - SmithF -
ADT - Noir -
PT rep - SirMC2015
Extended Team: ACS - KiRaHyuU

of course myself, MSU117 as Product Owner.

We have begun preliminary Concept 01 Tasks while we await updated RT - Guidelines and full team status after post ETC summer vacations. Things should really start rolling with September quickly approaching
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