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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Bugman,

Hello Community,

When "Gold" status was reached we noted how and approx when we would be updating the system. To recap:

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What about updates?
Some people wonder if we will be updating every 5 minutes like before.

Over the last couple of years, updating the rules, magic and army books has allowed the game to reach the amazing external balance that we enjoy now. To allow a clear understanding of how we plan to update, please see below:

Core Rules Updates - not anymore!
Worth noting here that Gold Core Rules means Gold Core Rules. No change for these Core Rules is expected for the several years to come as we turn our attention to producing all the Army Books and still having excess time after this. Spelling mistakes aside, unless a unbelievable ground-breaking earth shattering problem is found for which the rules team reserve the right to alter, the Core Rules will now remain untouched. Given the huge amount of testing that has already gone on, we see this as highly unlikely.

Arcane Compendium Updates -
Some may ask why these are split out from the Core Rules. In working towards the goal of having a stable ruleset, we realised that if anything might need changing, it may be a spell casting value or a special item cost. By placing these as separate documents, any changes would not impact the main rule set.

Gold Slim Edition Army Book Updates -
As it stands, the update schedule for these has not been set yet, as the project looks at everything from every 6 months to bi-yearly, however once it is, this will be openly communicated to the community. Also note, only pricing changes are expected. No redesigns or rule changes are expected as we turn to focus on creating new army books.

Army books in BETA -
Those books which are in BETA (currently only the Daemon Legions) can expect changes to occur as we explore new army wide rules, new units and pricing changes. Final changes to award gold status for Warriors of the Dark Gods should be completed in new year.

So, you may have missed it but T9A noted that the patch would occur yearly. No doubt, many of you are curious to see how this will work. Without further ado, the plan looks like this:
  1. Collect data from multiple sources, on both external and internal balance. Primary data sources are surveys (to both open community and a group of top tournament players) and tournament data.
  2. From data on external balance; establish a tier list.
  3. From data on internal balance; establish what entries are under-used and what entries are over-used
  4. Combine both internal and external data. Use a sliding scale to define what the threshold for UP/OP is, and how much price increase/decrease it should get. These thresholds are determined based on the army's placement on the external balance tier list.
    Simplified, one could say that this means:
    1. High performing armies gets more and bigger points increases on their over-used entries, and fewer and smaller points decreases on their under-used entries.
    2. Vice versa for badly performing armies

The project has just finished step 2, where a tier list has been created. Its worth noting that this will not be everyones experience but is the balanced overall picture. This looks like:

Display Spoiler

Top tier: UD, VS
High Tier: WDG, VC, OK, BH, DL
Mid Tier: KoE, OnG
Low Tier: DE, DH, EoS, SA SE, ID
Bottom tier: HE

So, what part is next? Step 3 is currenly now underway, looking at what entries are over and under used and once this is completed, we will move into step 4.

When is this coming out i hear you ask? There is a clear plan to have this finished and dusted off ready for early December!

As this task progresses we will continue to update you.

See you on the battlefield!

T9A Team
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