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Von Calisson,

For all those who like big packages with plenty of models, look at this one - especially if you're interested in Dwarves or Ogres. Not for skinny people!
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Tehnolog Souldark releases an all-plastic 2 players starter set for 9th age.
The set includes 2 small armies, for beginners – Ogres and Dwarfs.
Each army includes 2 Core Units (Bruisers and Dwarf Warriors) and some special choices – Snow Wolves in Ogre Army (counts as Yeti) and artillery in Dwarf Army. The set includes 45 miniatures and bases for all of them.
Also the set includes 4 ruins for your battlefield.

All miniatures in sets are also available separately (but with no bases) – Ogres, Snow Wolves, Dwarfs, Cannon, Catapult and 60mm round bases for warmachines.
Ruins are also available separately.

The set includes:
1 unit of 16 Dwarf Clan Warriors with hand weapon and shields with leader and musician
1 unit of 16 Dwarf Clan Warriors with great weapon with leader and musician
One Dwarf Cannon
One Dwarf Catapult
6 Orge bruisers
3 Snow Wolves (count as Yetis)
4 Ruins
Set includes miniatures and bases for them (32 20mm square bases, 9 40mm square bases and 2 60mm round bases)
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