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Von Shako,

Now Christmas is over, but Zhanta Claw's isnt bound to any rules!
He does whatever the heck he wants!
So here's another one for all of you:

Question wrote:

Hail zhanta claws, Coal Demon! The great Asharuk has already absorbed the spirits of the sacrificed slaves and a new caravan arrives loaded with more, to feed his insatiable appetite.

Nezibkesh brought the secret of steel, industry and machinery. I want to know its secrets, give me the knowledge of the chassis, the shooting modes and the ammunition.

Answer all this, night shadow, without mystery or riddles and the gods will keep you among their faithful followers, keep silence and burning forever while the kadims devour your organs in hell.

Zhanta Claws Letter wrote:

The answer you seek is threefold.
Three times three is the key for our success.
3 weapons built for every purpose imaginable
3 chassis to bring them to battle
3 ammunitions, shells to make them perfect for their target
Do not fear for any of your old weapons, as they all will be able to be upgraded to the new system!
Everybody is more then welcome to discuss these spoilers here:…oilers-discussion-thread/
This means you people playing ID but also those of you who play against them! What are your opinions on those spoilers so far? For what are you excited? Let us hear!

Here you can read into all those questions and answers:…-christmas-tale/&pageNo=2

See you tomorrow!

Hail Zhanta Claws!
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