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Von Shako,

Hello everybody,

today I'm not just able to present you yet anohter ID-LAB spoiler but even more!
Somebody dared to insult Zhanta Claws, claiming his spoilers to not be revealing enough.
Zhanta Claws won't stand for this and thus challenged the fellow forum member to a rock off.

Xaby86 wrote:

Dear Zhanta Claws, carbon demon.

I curse you! This year I behaved well, I was a good boy, I ravaged and burned everything in my path, I whipped my slaves without rest so that the machines would never stop, and this is all you bring me? I expected more precision from your gifts. I came to this thread looking for knowledge and I leave hungry. I guess, like all demons, your gifts are double-edged and your words are empty... Maybe it was my fault because knowing this I didn't ask the right questions...

Zhanta Claws wrote:

You dare to put me on level of a mere daemon?
May the Inferno take your tongue out of your mouth foolish mortal!
I have seen Vassals better at swinging the lash then what you call whipping!
But the holy code forbids me
from declining a rock off challenge once per year
and as such, I'll offer you this deal:
Beat me in a rhyme off!
If you win, I'll tell you what you desire
If you lose, you'll sacrifice your belongings in my name and do not pester me again!
What can you do?
You can all help out @xaby86 by making suggestions for their rhymes. Or if they cower fear of the challenge anybody of you is able to take over for them.

Read more about all this in here.

I'll leave you with the normal question for the day:

Question wrote:

Oh Zhanta Claws. What kind of heroes will there be in the new book, are we going to see a gobelin spellcaster or a small taurukh hero?

Zhanta Claws Letter wrote:

One part of your question has already been spoilered. The letter has somehow been passed to you before it's time! An outrageous sacrilege, hence I'll only give you part of an answer:
Some of our Vassals indeed posses a small magic potential. We're careful about their integration into our army as after all, they're non dwarves and thus can't be trusted. Before they get to powerful, we rather..dispose of them.

For discussions please use this thread:…oilers-discussion-thread/
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