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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Calisson,

In my experience, cults invest more time on recruitment than any other activity.
They are constantly searching for dissatisfied, angry, or lonely individuals - typically young and lacking close family - whom they approach at first as simple friends and sympathisers. After gaining the target's trust, an invitation to an innocent-seeming discussion group is sure to follow. Constant affirmation of friendship and approval, combined with sacrilegious forms of hypnosis and magical manipulation, are used to bring the convert deeper into the fold. When it is time to prove loyalty beyond doubt, there is initiation, after which, if she survives, the Novice rises through the various ranks of Acolyte, all under the auspices of a Leader who maintains power through a combination of charisma, eloquence, and cold-blooded murder.


No way, do we really need to release the Cultists? And for the second time?
Someone must have lost his mind. And soon his soul.
Well, it was not my decision, don't blame me for the consequences.

So, without further ado...

The Cultist team is happy to release an updated edition of this new Supplement to T9A Fantasy Battles' Daemon Legions.

Here is a bit more information for those interested.

Expected playstyle.
Cultists work secretly behind the shadow of civilizations. When the inquisition discovers them, Cultists hideout is under attack and this is why they always pick where the battle will be fought. The longer you keep Cultists alone, the more dreadful they become. Enemy must not give them time to call upon beings from the other side to help them. Cultists start as a defensive/underdog army but can quickly rampant out if not kept in check.
The playstyle is always heavy magic, strong offensive spells, supported by summoned units that help keep enemy away. And strong buffing spells to buff those Summoned Daemons. Playing Cultists should feel that all sacrificed life is for the greater good of Daemon Legion.

Expected audience.
This book is aimed at players that already have an existing army, who like unique personal armies, and modelers too.
Non-Daemon players can utilize their current model range with Species Archetype rule and slowly start building their Daemon army with playing Cultists and filling Summoned Daemons category.
Daemon Players can do it the other way around - start acquiring non Daemon models and play with them as Cultists before heaving enough of them to have a stand alone non-Daemon army.

  • Download: You will find the updated book in the download page (edited), please give it a try.
You are warmly encouraged to discuss your finding in the following threads:

In the previous release: New Supplement : Cultists, there was a video teaser which you may wish to watch once more for getting the appropriate atmosphere.

On behalf of the Cultist team.
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