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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Scottish Knight,

Hello to our community, players and staff alike,

First of all, we want to acknowledge that this is an unprecedented time, and everyone is having to deal with unexpected changes to their lifestyles. Our thoughts are with all of you. It's not our place to give any advice, but please follow your local medical guidance, and stay safe.

We also want to acknowledge that many of our staff will find themselves busy dealing with real life issues; be it child care, self-isolation, work pressures, volunteering, or other considerations. Please make these your primary concern, and let us know if there's any support we can provide.

To our community, this may mean that some of our deadlines will slip, although we will be continuing to put every effort in developing material for you. Some of us will have increased free time while working from home, so we don't anticipate a stop in our work, but none of us can predict reliably what the future holds for now.

We hope our community will continue to support one another, and we are pleased to see an upsurge in people sharing painting projects, and also playing T9A online.

Thank you to all our dedicated volunteers, and we wish everyone all the best for times to come.

The Executive Board
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