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Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat's Up, Ninth Agers!!! New issue of the Behind the Scenes blog! More rules sneak peeks, a glimpse at the future layout of army entries, and a duel between characters with the new rules.


Title Comments Likes Downloads Last Change

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The 9th Age Scroll Issue 4 1.0.0

Issue 4
0 36,443

Results of the Magical Items Survey 1.0.2

Survey Magical Items
0 2,030

Battlescribe app 1.0.0

Stable desktop version of Battlescribe software that works correctly with 9th Age army-files for rules v.1.3
0 93

The Orange Road Podcast: Episode 1 UD Review 1.0.0

Reviewing the UD book.
0 +1 10

The 9th Scroll Issue 3 1.0.1

The 3th issue (9th scroll).
2 +8 41,247

Terrain Pack 1.2

Official T9A terrain features
0 +1 14,868

Brunch and Battle 4 Rulepack 1.0.0

0 146

The 9th Age: Quick Starter Armylists 1.1.0

Armylists for Quick Starter
0 4,541

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The 9th Age: Quick Starter 1.2.1

Quick starter is a rules set designed to introduce people wargaming in the world of of 9th age.
0 +6 68,340

Errata et FAQ 1.3.4_FR2

VF 1.0
0 993

Tournament evaluation sheet 1.0.0

To be printed by TOs and handed to players for evaluation
0 597

battlescribe files with local magic items 1.0.0

Battlescribe files with local magic items
0 43

Elfi del Terrore 1.3.4_IT0

Versione italiana del libro DE
0 350

Khan degli Ogre 1.3.2_IT0

Trdauzione italiana del Libro Ogre Khans
0 353

FAQ y Fe de Erratas 7 ES1.1

Preguntas Frecuentes y Fe de Erratas para FB: The 9th Age
0 510

Branchi Bestiali 1.3.0_IT0

Trdauzione italiana del Libro Beast Herds
0 +1 331

Libro delle Regole 1.3.0_IT2

Traduzione italiana del Regolamento Base
0 +2 2,523

Antichi Sauri 1.3.0_IT0

Versione italiana del libro SA
0 458

Magic cards greyscale, Italian version 1.3.2_IT1.0

Magic cards in Italian
0 923

Guerrieri degli Dei Oscuri 1.3.1_IT0

Versione italiana del libro WDG
0 661