French Magic Cards, colored 0.99.9_FR3

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Cartes de magie en francais, version en couleurs

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The 9th Age License
Cartes de magie en francais, version en couleurs.

En attente de confirmation des traductions des noms.
I’m no lord. I’ve more respect for myself than that.

Technical guy only.
I don't make choices about the project or the rules, but I do like to state my opinion sometimes. That's only what it is though: an opinion from someone who doesn't make the choices. :)

Feedback thread for the Magic cards.
Pro cards thread: Professionally printed Magic cards
  • Version 0.99.9_FR3

    - 32.26 MB - 12,225 times downloaded

    Based on version 1.1 of the game.
    Basé sur la version 1.1 de la VO.

    Cards reviewed.
    Still pending approval of names before tagging as version 1.1.0_FR1.
  • Version 0.99.9_FR2

    - 32.24 MB - 444 times downloaded

    Working revision #2.
  • Version 0.99.9_FR1

    - 32.21 MB - 11 times downloaded

    Pending review.