Steady, men!

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A pic from a battle in 4500 points Empire of Sonnstahl VS Orcs and globins. I found the pic so cool so i had to share it with you!

Comments 3

  • Skink -

    ...And? How did it end?

    • Alexbbr -

      He charge with both unit (garantula and savage orc, - yeah, they are not common orc, but savage -) in the same turn. I counter charge with my swordmen on the gargantula's flank.

      I had the "steady, men!" order, + Volund's blessing. So fight in 4 ranks in horde formation, reroll to hit (hatred), reroll to wound (Volund's blessing), +1 to hit with the area bubble of the arcane engine just behind.

      In the first round of combat, he put a lot of dommage in my spearmen, about 13-15 guys. I put 2 wounds on the gargantula and killed about 10 or 11 savage orc. He won by nothing but I stand with Steady, men!.

      in the second close combat phase, he do sh*t with the savage orcs (they are not eadbashers and born to fight work only for the first turn, so only strengh 3), and gargantula kille some sperman. But I put one more wound on her and kill about 6 savage orc, I win the combat with all my bonus, he flee with both (he was in a forest with the savage orc, so no steadfast), I pursue and catch the gargantula.

      At the really ending, I won by 20-0. That it! :)

    • Skink -

      Epic! Congratulation for the win!