Inter Region Armies

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Comments 6

  • Shane -

    What is this madnes?!?! It is awesome!

  • Skink -

    Yes, it is an Infernal Dwarf army! This guy actually has a blog over at Chaos Dwarfs Online, check it out:

  • MeuhMeuh -

    I think it was an Infernal Dwarf army. I'm not the one that took the picture but I had a chance to take a closer look during the week end !
    You can see the kadims on the bottom right, the hellephant is a hellcanon or a kadim, There is some infantry on the middle and I hve no idea what the yoshis are supposed to be ^^

  • tommytucker -

    that is very creative. is it a daemon army?

  • kobal -

    It looks nice, but what was that supposed to be?