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Kapuzi...repent while you can...

Comments 11

  • Petterwass -

    What does the sign mean?

  • tommytucker -

    kkk flaggies. awesome

    • Phosphorus -

      To be honest when I moulded the figure (old GW Militia and the rest of my old green stuff) I had certain christian orders in mind like the capuchones in Spain

      see: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capirote

      They are often lay members doing penitence.

      And historicaly they punished and flocked themselves..so indeed true flagellants


    • Petterwass -

      That makes it a lot more palatable.

    • Phosphorus -

      If imagined as KKK , think about it: a bigott racists constantly punishing himselfs and doing penitence for his sins...kinda pc ;)

      Although, interesstingly most people associate the KKK with the model...I guess that has to do that the KKK is far mor prominent then thementioned christain lay orders or local medieval religious orders. ...

    • Petterwass -

      BUt also someone I wouldn't want in my army.

      "Oh your friend/father*/aunt was literally murdered by these guys? Let me just remind you of that every time we play!"
      Just... no.

      That's also why I asked about the sign, I was afraid it was a slur in a language I did not know :)
      Happy to know that is not the case.

      *I have a black friend whose great-uncle was lynched by the Klan and I have american friends who were at Charlotteville. I think you can see understand my reluctance.

    • Phosphorus -

      I can understand the concernes and respect that..BUT, as I already said, I am not one easily giving in to pc. Nowadays I have the feeling that way too much pc is going around and all kind of people /groups feel way to easily offended.e.g. the hole 40K universe (especially the empire ) looks like a pseudo facists-state with an bigott religious feeling ...for some certain models show too much (female) naked hide/boobs..the next christian bigott laments that there is magic and demons which you can use (and thus leading to evil deeds)...in Germany especially some people (esp. so called pacifists) frown upon "playing war" at all !
      Where would we be if we all give in all the times to such hyperbole ? Right..we wouldn`t have wargaming tabletops at all :). (ok, if someone would use swastikas (also I know that the swastika per se isn`t a sign of facism and was and is a holy symbol ) as symbols for his army, it would be too much even for me ).