Winter-themed modular terrain for winter tables or chaos wasteland tables

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I made this terrain primarily for use in the game Star Wars: Legion for fighting battles on planets like Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back movie. However I also made it generic enough that it could be used for fantasy battles, perfect for a winter table or chaos wasteland table. They would work great for an Ogre Kahn, Daemon Legions, or Beast Herds winter table.

These are really easy to make! It's just some leftover bits of pink insulation foam that I hacked into rough shapes and then glued to a cardboard base. I base coated them with black craft paint. Then I simply drybrushed the stone areas in a lighter gray.

Finally I mixed up a batch of my own snow paste, which I make with PVA glue, white craft paint, and baking soda. After all the paste was applied over the pieces, I sprinkled some Woodland Scenics snow flock over the pieces while the paste was still wet.

Overall they look pretty decent for a wargaming table I think!