Forest terrain project completed

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Forest terrain made based on the Youtube tutorial from "Sorastro's Painting" channel. The trees are made from wooden dowels and skewers, the skewers were inserted into the tops of the dowels after the dowels had holes drilled into them. The foliage is made from rubberized horsehair covered in foam flock. The bases are a combination of PVC plastic sheet cut into shapes and 1" thick pink insulation foam. The rock formations are actual rocks that were repainted to scale them down to look correctly proportioned for the secenery.

I also added some actual small twigs to the dowel trunks to make them look more realistic and natural.

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  • kisanis -

    nice work @baranovich !

    I really like how these are more realistic for the scale.
    The only issue I have, is removing them to allow blocks to move through/onto them.

    Is there an idea for working around that?

    • Baranovich -


      I'm sure you could make it so that they could be pushed into like individual sockets built into the base. I made holes out of milliput by taking some blobs of it that I smoothed over the plasticard and then pushing the trees into it to make custom-fit holes while the milliput was still soft, then I glued the trees into those custom holes to help anchor them better.

      I'm thinking maybe you could use like velcro on the bottoms of the trees and then glue some velcro into each hole? Not sure if that would be enough surface area to hold them though, maybe.

      The main problem is that the trees are too tall to be based individually I think. They'd be constantly falling over during games.

      Only other solution I can think of is to just make the forests like I did but then have a piece of green felt or cardboard that was the same shape and size as the forest base and have it underneath the forest base, so you could remove the actual tree base but still know where the legal boundaries of the forest was when you moved blocks of troops through it.

    • kisanis -

      I'm thinking socket them as you did, then just magnetize the bottoms of the rod, then pull the particular trees out of the way.

      Got a link for the tutorial??

      You should do a scroll article for these!

    • Baranovich -

      I think magnetizing is a great idea! I unfortunately lack the patience to do such things... :)

      Here's the link to the Sorastro's Painting tutorial. I didn't follow it exactly but did most of what he did. Primary thing was that I did the bases slightly differently, plus I do flocking differently than he does.

      Here's some more shots of the early stages of the project. You can see the sockets made from the Milliput. Because I didn't have enough of the Milliput I also used small chunks of insulation foam that I carved sockets into to use as anchors as well. Another thing you can do to strengthen the stability of the trees is to smear some wall filler or spackle around the base of the tree after the tree is in place.…/19679-5510cd85-large.jpg…/19678-c16fec57-large.jpg…/19677-5e3171e3-large.jpg…/19676-0b7252b5-large.jpg

  • Jeswalker -

    Damn these are killer! great job!

  • yhandros -

    Only one question: are they stable enough?

    I struggled every time with my trees to stay upright and in the end glued them to a larger base.

    • Baranovich -

      Yes, the bases have enough weight combined with the dowels being fairly light. Plus there's very little weight at the top, the dowels at the bottom are heavier than the foliage material up above. I tested them by bumping them and their footprint is large enough to keep them solidly upright.

      The trees couldn't be much taller with bases this size though. Any taller and you'd start to have center of gravity issues. To do mega-tall trees I would increase the size of the bases and put the tallest trees near the center of the base with the shorter ones closer to the outer edges.

      Also the bases are PVC plastic which has some weight. I also used actual stones on most of the bases, so the weight of those helps as well.

      Another thing I did was dig holes pretty deep into the foam so that the dowels could be inserted and glued to anchor them.

      I was concerned about that too. I guess the most important thing is that you wouldn't want to mount trees like that on thin card. Has to be something thicker and heavier.

    • yhandros -

      Great, thanks. I'll take this into consideration next time I make trees.