Start of my samurai themed army

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Comments 8

  • Uradel -

    Where did you get the troops and which codex are you using for gaming? I can see this working for an Empire of Sonnstahl army.

    • Swelt -

      The troops are from Warlord games pike and shot line. I plan on using them for both Empire of Sonnstahl and Knights of Equitaine.

  • Shane -

    The in-unit terrain looks great already.

    Although it's a fair armount of work, if after painting you feel like the scale is a little too different from the 9th Age norm, you can always add a bit of height to the basing (roadway, rock sheet, etc).

  • NumenoreanKnight -

    where did you get the mdf lanterns/shrines that you use as unit fillers from? they look good.

  • micdicdoc -

    Looking forward to seeing how this develops :D How do you find the Warlord/Wargames Factory Samurai miniatures? They seem quite complicated to put together; do you find it rather irksome?

    • Swelt -

      The only thing that got complicated was attaching the weapons to the correct hands. I figured out if you fit the weapons first then glue the arms to the bodies I could position them to look good.

    • micdicdoc -

      Thanks for the tip! :)