Update to my newest Duke on Hippogrif

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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Almost there, will add a shield and paint heraldry into the barding and cloak, as well as finish the basing

Comments 8

  • Xanatan -

    Nice conversion!

    Do I see correctly that you've bent (or folded) the wings? Nicely done!
    Looks alot more natural than the "straight" wings of my griffon from Island of Blood.

    • Marcos24 -

      Lol I left it in the oven! I don’t remember how long but the wings naturally melted to that position. The little dot on the eagle’s forehead is also a result of the heat

  • mrmossevig -

    Cool! Is that the original high elf rider or did you find a suitable replacement?

    • Marcos24 -

      Only the lower half that's molded into the griffon is the original elf rider. I made a third one that has a tunic flowing on both sides now

    • mrmossevig -

      Understand. Is there a particular model you scourged the rest of the body from, or is it just from your heap of bits?

    • Marcos24 -

      The whole upper body is the Bretonnian BSB, and the flail is from the grail Knight champion. I just cut the top and bottom off and glued it to the top and bottom of the BSB's hand. Which i also had to modify, cut the standard off. And had to fill a little bit of the mid section with green stuff so he looked right

  • Hombre de Mundo -

    very nice, I plan on making a similar conversion for Empire. Did you modify the legs at all?

    • Marcos24 -

      Thanks and nice! That will look good. No not yet, but I think it will be easy and without having to cut if I use green stuff. I did cut the tail off now and used a Pegasus tail, it fits proportionally and look good, all other horses have tails that look too small