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Hello There!

The project likes to learn from ages past and one lesson T9A team has learnt is to engage the community more. The team had such a tremendous success with ideas for the magic phases and new magic items for Warriors of the dark gods that the Rules Team (RT) has melded together some great global surveys that they want you, the community to help answer in order to get an understanding of what the community really wants.

Now it's worth saying right here that the surveys are not binding to the future of the game, but give instead the T9A team a incredible insight into the path they need to take.

Up first is a survey on what to do with magic items with some very simple questions and statements for you all to answer, so please, take the jump and answer away, and when you finish, spread the word, we need to actively engage as much of the community as we can.

So what you waiting for, go go go!

Start the survey here!


Topic Replies Likes Views Last Reply

Announcement Question on Background to Magic

15 +2 509

Scottish Knight

Announcement The 9th Scroll

  • tiny
  • tiny
1 +10 4,080


Pinned Heraldry Sources Guides and Info

15 +6 1,557


Pinned The 9th Age Background - Status Report

  • tiny
  • tiny
2 +2 1,500


Pinned Important: Background & IP

27 +1 5,007


One possible vision for Orcs & Goblins in 9th Age, my attempt at fluff...

30 +5 2,624


My idea/pitch for the EoS's Religion

5 236


Beast Fluff

128 +1 5,501


Orcs and Goblins background questions.

10 347


Ullsberg have anything to do with Ullor?

2 +1 78

Col. Tartleton

Encyclopedia? Do we have one for T9A?

10 177


Quick Games, either for tourneyment or club.

2 39


Augean Dynasties

0 77

Elf Gemsmiths

1 +1 189


Vampire Covenant Basic Background.

0 117

Daemon Legions Fluff

  • Mert
  • Thannak
49 +5 2,343


A few tips for 9th Age world map

13 +12 1,548


The Blood Wood in danger ( Part One of our narrative campaign)

0 133

Any way to help with writing fluff?

3 +2 328


Why this Age is Ninth?

18 1,245


poem of the Equitraine

3 +7 211


The Kingdom of Equitaine fluff question.

160 5,335

Scottish Knight

Highborn Elves fluff

2 181


a short story sort of

0 101

Tales of 2DSick

0 70

Map and factions

154 6,312


Background & Art of Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age (T9A)

26 +3 3,110

unstaible child

Stories en fluff from official books

3 203


Just some hints about the BG of some races

25 +3 1,680


Reimagining Kingdom of Equitane: tradition, progressives and centralised governments

  • Vrubel
  • Kratos
23 +6 942


The Economic Argument for Elven Archery

23 +5 1,279

Col. Tartleton

Do Three Circles at Elven Army's Logo mean something?

20 1,250


positing my own home made lore and background for the ninth age

5 +2 331

unstaible child

New Fluff/Lore

19 +2 1,759

Nathan Young

Elementalist's handbook

  • Elfed
  • Elfed
0 157

The Warriors of the Dark Gods Paradox

159 +18 12,587


Random short stories of the 9th Age

11 +9 645

Warpstone Junkie

The Battle of the Pass

5 297

Warpstone Junkie

The big question: To Ragnarok or not?

32 +2 1,603


Writer looking to help add what I can.

5 +3 340

Warpstone Junkie

The Vermin Swarm lore

16 1,410


The battles of the Herds

1 197


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