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Hello There!

The project likes to learn from ages past and one lesson T9A team has learnt is to engage the community more. The team had such a tremendous success with ideas for the magic phases and new magic items for Warriors of the dark gods that the Rules Team (RT) has melded together some great global surveys that they want you, the community to help answer in order to get an understanding of what the community really wants.

Now it's worth saying right here that the surveys are not binding to the future of the game, but give instead the T9A team a incredible insight into the path they need to take.

Up first is a survey on what to do with magic items with some very simple questions and statements for you all to answer, so please, take the jump and answer away, and when you finish, spread the word, we need to actively engage as much of the community as we can.

So what you waiting for, go go go!

Start the survey here!


Topic Replies Likes Views Last Reply

Announcement Saurian Ancients - RT poll

115 +8 5,673


Announcement Dwarven Holds - RT poll

535 +5 17,073


Announcement Vampire Covenant - RT poll

  • fjugin
  • Nicklz
113 +2 6,374


Announcement Sylvan Elves - RT poll

41 +2 3,312


Announcement The Vermin Swarm - RT poll

43 +2 2,783

Twisted Magpie

Announcement Daemon Legions - RT poll

  • fjugin
  • Ursa06
84 4,126


Announcement Infernal Dwarves - RT poll

140 5,067


Announcement Warriors of the Dark Gods - RT poll

70 +3 4,587


Announcement Highborn Elves - RT poll

114 +3 6,382


Announcement Empire of Sonnstahl - RT poll

10 +3 1,330


Announcement Undying Dynasties - RT poll

34 +2 1,876


Announcement Kingdom of Equitaine - RT poll

63 +2 3,800


Announcement Dread Elves - RT poll

134 +7 6,831


Announcement Orcs and Goblins - RT poll

24 +4 2,087


Announcement Ogre Khans - RT poll

13 1,256


Announcement Beast Herds - RT poll

  • fjugin
  • jirga
13 1,077


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