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  • Clockwork -

    Liked jacobkjellerup’s post in the thread Clockwork's Dread Elf Battle Reports (Call to War).

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    just wanted to say that thank you for taking the time. Tactical thoughts and fun reading meant I enjoyed all of it even if I have never played DE :) Hoping for more in the future :) /Jacob
  • Porw -

    Replied to the thread It's time for Africa !.

    Taphria aka Arabia? Yanichars, camels, jinies, african themed light infantry - it's ok.
  • Arhain -

    Liked b_phelps’s post in the thread Mountain Mayhem III Oct 21-22 2017.

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    Quote from Malossar: “Good show had a great time. @Kazandu Rematch round 1 next tournament. I dare you to roll that many ward saves again! ;) good job on the podium finish Phil! ” Brave
  • chejuan -

    Replied to the thread Dudas T9A.

    En bosque te dice que es terreno ligero y en colina te dice que las unidades par ialmente sobre ella la tratan como terreno ligero y completamente fuera la tratan como terreno pesado. En el texto se los terrenos te dice que una unidad sobre u oscurecida…