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  • Just_Flo -

    Liked saint_barbara’s post in the thread ETC 2017 ETC. Coverage?.

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    This is old news I'm afraid. Quite recently we've managed to recruit another digital graphics specialist (hi @Crafty ) and suddenly I've got nothing to do - at least until WDG and DL aren't a bit further down the road. But at least my job is sustainable…
  • Clockwork -

    Liked KeyserSoze’s post in the thread The Ninth Age is Boring.

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    C'mon Raf, this hobby has so many dimensions that is hard to follow every single one of them with the same pace. The fact thàt I don't care much about BG doesn't really mean anything. As long as the rules I try to make have a strong thematic basis, my…
  • casamar -

    Liked Frederick’s post in the thread ETC 2017 ETC. Coverage?.

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    Heard my name?! :) Just in short: I tend to disagree with Sotiris on the matter that without profit-driven approach a project cannot be successful. Look into German sports clubs besides soccer (these are companies). These are volunteer driven and…