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  • SirVelinn -

    Replied to the thread Lack of Melee Enchantment Items.

    I have to say I am quite happy with the current book. I am actually winning games. And no casual games..I am talking about game versus team tournament players. As I already mentioned, I am not talking about autowins, here, you gotta move right. combine…
  • Palmu -

    Replied to the thread Workbench - picture your current WIP stuff.

    Damn, I forgot to keep up with the progress, but the chariots are done. Snapped a few quick pics of the Pharaoh, I'll try to get better ones into my Gallery later on.
  • I don’t know too much about 9th age lore, but I’ll give this a shot. I referred to the King of Equitaine as king x because I don’t know his name. Feel free to critique/suggest better ideas! Duke The vast land of Equitaine is divided into grand…
  • Smythen -

    Liked Damo’s post in the thread Historical function of 2 handed swords.

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    I think also theres a big distinction between duels/small fights, vs pitched battles, which were very different situations, and some weapons excelled in some situations more than others. Personally I think that 2 handed swords would be worse than useful…
  • MrPieChee -

    Liked EdSteiner’s post in the thread Independent Mercenary States.

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    I have been learning how to code for LaTeX and thanks to all of the staff whom gave me help/code concepts and feedback. Here is the LaTeX version of Mercenary States - LaTeX layout Thanks to all who have given me feedback and support. Enjoy
  • Spacegoblin -

    Liked Warboss_R'ok’s post in the thread WDG Army book discussion - 2.05 till... now.

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    Quote from DanT: “Interesting. Are there not people here exactly asking for a more interesting movement game and bemoaning the loss of said movement game? ” Hellforged units from WDG shouldn't be avoiding the EoS deathstar, it should be the other way
  • Warboss_R'ok -

    Liked DanT’s post in the thread WDG Army book discussion - 2.05 till... now.

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    Yeah, all those tactical plays got called avoidance in a different thread. And I was told that my interpretation was wrong. But a movement game (tactical battlefield control) and avoidance are difficult to disentangle for sure. But I don't think this…
  • Poxous -

    Replied to the thread Colonial Carnage Team Tournament.

    If you want to come but are unsure of a team I can put you on the Merc List..a rogues gallery of despots and thugs ready to join the carnage by forming a team with you!
  • matrim -

    Now follows Furion.

  • Signal to Noise Ratio -

    Liked Kathal’s post in the thread WDG book 2.0 discussion.

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    Quote from DanT: “What is the thing that WotDG previously had that was a unique army trait or theme? ” If we go back to 1.0: - Being able to play any close combat style in one way or another. Wanted to play Cav centric list? Jep, gotcha (Knights…
  • Altao -

    Replied to the thread WDG Background & Fluff Discussion.

    Quote from Krokz: “How many other Wizards can have 1+ armor (on foot!) and 4 S5 AP3 attacks? Of course they exist, but WDG casters are surely among the top of their class in fighting ability. ” Say that looking at Soothsayer Primal Instinct, same Off as …
  • Scottish Knight -

    Replied to the thread WDG Background & Fluff Discussion.

    Quote from Altao: “Honestly it should be: Background can affect Rules & vice versa - Rules can also change parts of Background. ” There are effects which cross both ways. However, dumbing down the faction to mere physicality isn't going to happen.…