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  • Rayneth -

    Liked Gnomes2169’s post in the thread Play easier games, play more often: Interest in 2.000 games.

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    Quote from Rayneth: “Sounds like a good idea, Pellegrim. I usually play 5k, and that eats up 4-6 hours depending on breaks and delays, not to mention energy. ” Unless it's with me. Then it takes 2.5 hours and we talk about how awful your virtual dice…
  • emilemil -

    Replied to the thread cover?.

    but if I am trying to shoot down enemy warmachines that are on a hill with BS shooting I get a minus 1? I also dont understand the second part: A unit completely off a Hill counts the Hill as Hard Terrain. What does that mean?
  • Iluvatar -

    Replied to the thread duplicate thread, how to?.

    Basically, I think you can't. :( Only announcements can be displayed in several forums at the same time, and those are reserved for... well, important stuff. ^^ The best you could do would probably to open a new thread in here: North American Events and…
  • Mikkel Aagaard -

    Replied to the thread cover?.

    Quote from emilemil: “ Does this mean that when you shoot at warmachines on a hill you get a -1 to hit? ” Depends on the warmichine. Cannons and catapults ignore hard and soft cover for shooting purposes.