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  • Battlescribe files for T9A 2.0

    Shukran - - Supporters Corner


    Quote from WarX: “Hello! I just pushed version of WotDG streamlined with 2.1.2 Army Book. Also fixed exposed issues…otDG_DL/test.bsr?raw=true @Arturius PR waiting on github ” seems solid on first look. i see no easy errors. (at least from the entries i know better)

  • Quote from msu117: “I played a GT game this weekend where it took my opponent 8 mins to move a cowboy. Measured and remeasured everything under the sun, only to reposition and do it all over again ” OT: wouldnt it be less "frustrating" if he did those moves in HIS time rather than YOUR BOTH time? since time is skill in this game, i think that the horrible idea of using a chess timer during t9a games is more and more the smartest way to improve the game. i would suggest someone to start thinking …

  • i am always scared about losing my models. even if at the end of the game i am winning. when i play hellmaw im even more scared, because my entire list is built around it. whose only purpose is to put and sustain PORTALS. so my silly request/suggestion would be: is there any way to make hellmaw thougher to avoid losing it to some random dice? my idea would be to keep its price (or cheaper) drop all stats to 1 but R to 8+ ?

  • i have aradae maw and kholukk to make them fit more easily (to allows other bases to stay close to them) i phoned legs to close their gap a little and put them on some "rocks". i phoned upper arms to be closer and a bit more "upper". i phoned the tail to turn more on itself . they are best model for FDE imho.

  • i just want to add that WH was ruled by "randomness". u wanted to charge? u had to guess if u could do it. u wanted to shoot arrows or catapults or cannons not only u had to guess if u could do it. u had to state the exact distance u wanted to shoot. this game removed it and every time some veteran talk about it, it is in a proud way they state that t9a removed that randomness from the game. which was BAD ( hitting something behind a house with a cannon second jump was mandatory to be proplayer)…

  • sure u can also use empty bases for the purpose. But when u have to move light troops? I use the 1"/ half" L tool to mark my starting position to avoid putting morecstuff on table. Moreover, moving a unit with mark allows u to see howcmuch space u have srpind it for further movements, los, charges distance, magic phase. I mean im all fine with you not using marks. But be aware first time u make an illegal move we can stop playong cause u cant go back to position. Moreover it makes battle reports…

  • Lord on dragon on fda with dark prelate

  • competitively doenst mean exclusively tournaments. It means focusing on the game. To win. To be challenging. If i wanted to throw just dices with no effort or no focus, i could be home instead. But obv. Every time someone speak, should always put the sentence "accordingly to what and.your opponent pretend from the match" So ,to me, the.entire discussion is weak.

  • in chess a move is not done as long as u dont leave the piece. Because movement is what counts. Putting a mark means that u are evaluating the move. When u like it u remove the mark and the move is done, since u lost track of initial positioning. Are u really telling me u play competitively qithout mark?

  • is behemot bigger or smaller than a ogre aurock? That could imply changes

  • i dont know how it works at tourneys But everyone i know uses the plastic "L" to mark starting point. I see no reason to not do it. Often it d just to move your unit and looking a different perspective the field. Its more than "cant count the part of 1". It s more like some player cheats soon or later with no marks because they see the field changing change opponent s possibilities. liittle reforms on the way.sometimes when out of " to make them

  • Quote from GrayGork: “So is the doomlord and sorcerer on the wb not a good option? On paper it seems like it has great potential. I would love to run my chaos mammoth as one. Just waiting on it to arrive. ” def3

  • large base is better for countercharge potential.

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “Quote from Shukran: “if there were ZERO cheating there would be no refereers. ” No. Referees mostly help with rules questions. And thats a good thing. ” so refereers are just players who read better rulebook? read it as well and u would not need refereers. but . . .

  • if there were ZERO cheating there would be no refereers.

  • assuming im not damaged to overextend and aoe pentagram. chances to regain wounds are higher than just use it at range on a single unit hoping in some luck on dices.

  • Quote from Lagerlof: “It's a really good spell for a mage on a dragon. ” i dont know. if u mean sacrificing a model for a greater effort, i agree. if u mean flying into opponent, sacrifing its own wound to aoe the lol out of there, i agree. even if considering opponent dispells. but overall i never ever seen someone using it neither VC ones. (obviously). except the range and cast, i find it quite poor. considering wdg hereditary (shorter range ok) and considering benefit vs cons vs target. consi…

  • well, @Squirrelloid my consideration actually was PRO not having named char. so it was not required to answer me . but calling a miniature "carl" OR giving "carl" unique features is different. and for unique i mean stuff only that model will get ever in all books ever released. for example: "fuffy" is a named daemon with its own stats which can use a spell that heal daemon units back to fight (from fluff, daemons are summoned from veil, right?) u decide a price (high enough to make it s stats ba…

  • healing one wound at the expense of a wound. seems resonable for an elite army. it s not like you can be dispelled AFTER u sacrifice making the spell a "suicide". 1d6 s4. STRONG. i would not take it even if i was a VC. because their healing is better. guess what im doing with WDG choice of magics.... if i have to sacrifice guys i do for rest of spells. then, if your mage is in need of pentagram for wounds, it seems to me it was very outpositioned or bad geared. otherwise, leace, i took a wound.

  • it is "sad" that while having such "wealthy" brain food (aka "pro-players") in your zone, u dont see the luck u got and use it to improve, just by watching them playing or asking for suggestions and help, rather doing like the "wolf and the grape". but it s up to you. i would like to understand what s behind the "uncompetitive scene" "you" are talking about. like it s a saint grail of fun and entertainment. i dont get it. but letting aside this. is ther any game you play? videogames?as long as t…