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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • It has to be a character that was not in contact with any enemy unit. You can therefore make way, and place it in contact with the unit in front, but you can perfectly place it in the corner, so he can hit the unit in the flank. As long as he also touches the one in the front it is allowed

  • Quote from Hellin: “thanks for the reply.. Also: It affects impact hits and stomps as well as normal attacks? Also ranged attacks in case of that? Best regards, Hellin ” No, it affects only his close combats attacks Both your questions are answered by reading pages 109 and 110 of the RB

  • Pairings for the first round are up, you have 2 weeks and a pair of days to play the games! Hope you all enjoy some nice gaming! (@'SirMC2015' the offer for you is still open until sunday )

  • Against large and infantry

  • Since you uploaded it in txt, I can modify the file myself Since all the issues reported have been corrected, I will submit the first pairings as soon as I'm free (hopefully in a few hours)

  • Quote from lionamra: “DH: Shield Bearers and War Throne are character mounts. 1. Are they also considered as War Platform? No. Why would they? 2. Do I have to place these character mounts in the center of the front rank or can I place them to the front/side of the unit? Anywhere, since they are not a war platform (but still following the rules for front rank ”

  • Couldn't agree more with you, @SmithF But still, maybe some players dont see it right. Thats why I would like to gather some opinions before closing anything In case no one has anything to say against it, @SirMC2015, I would need lists of you and another player before sunday 21st of april at 22:00 GMT+1. Please, make sure these two lists have no errors and are clear, since you wont go through list review.

  • Quote from SirMC2015: “I just saw this thread for an online UB tournament. @Kazandu Can you give me until 12am tonight to consider? Need to ask my wife and then submit list. I’m EST. ” I'm afraid deadline for submitting lists was two days ago....Also right now we are an even number of players, so in case anyone else wants to join, it should be also an even number. And I dont know what the other players, who submitted their lists on time will think on it

  • Quote from Bing: “If I have two characters in a R&F unit, can they both charge out of that unit together as a separate unit of two characters? Would it matter if the two characters were adjacent to each other before the charge or not? What about if they were previously a 2-character unit, then both joined the R&F unit together... could they then charge out together (as a 2-character unit) again? ” No Page 102: after declaring a charge with a character in the unit, the unit (including oth…

  • Ok then, while @insiko confirms it is him, the raffle for the list correction has been done, and the correspondent assignments are in the first page. Apart from that, and since we only have one player with zone C and uneven players for group A, I would need to know how to fix the problems and pair someone with @Searingash. Could anyone fit his timezones with China? (and viceversa from your side, searingash)

  • I have a list from 'Artsiom Shylau - frttnqt' and I cannot find him as forum user

  • Quote from Squirrelloid: “@Casas - you got me, right? US timezone (A?) ” you are in the list, yes

  • Deadline for submitting is in 6 hours, not sure if you still can play a game 'tonight' before that

  • 1) they have to react fleeing - > flee again 2) no charge reactions allowed against random movers

  • Check page 91 for interactions with the board edge: you can move off the board as long as your front facing stays inside the board, and you finish the move with the whole unit inside the board Regarding the charge thing, flee reaction is performed right after charge is declared. Therefore when you measure the distance needed for the charge to be successful, the enemy unit is already outside of the board, the distance is infinite and the charge failed. Not sure what happens if the failed charge m…

  • Last 24 hours to submit lists!!!

  • Quote from dkrotenberg: “Can a fleeing Marshal issue orders ? You cannot use any voluntary action with any fleeing unit. So no Can orders be given to cavalry units ? If im not wrong orders are restricted to parental and support units, and cavalry units don't have those, but I guess this is clearly explained in the rule itself ”

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    Access denied, I cannot do anything with those threads @Iluvatar?

  • Difference between game turn and player turn is clear. The next player turn is the next player turn (so when the turn of the current player ends). Not being able to charge in the next player turn makes sense if the reform is done at the end of the combat phase during your opponent's turn. Next player turn is yours. Regarding the other question, it says 'the unit doesn't count as scoring for the purpose of claiming objectives'. But for every other purpose, the unit keeps having the scoring specia…

  • Hey people! Just 3 days left to submit lists, and by now only 6 people signed in! Dont you guys fall asleep