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  • Quote from robstrachan: “OK, thanks. That's what I assumed but do you have page numbers to support? Especially where it says that random movement follows all the rules for charges? The text in the special rules section (and quoted above) doesnt actually say anything. ” Under random movement, special rule. "During the Compulsory Moves sub-phase, units with this special rule move using the rules for pursuing units" Pursuing units, page 56: "In case this Pursuit movement would bring the unit into c…

  • Quote from robstrachan: “This came up in a game yesterday. I think it should maximise but where is the rule saying so? Also in another incident, a model with random movement hit a fleeing unit, what happens? Does the fleeing unit flee again, or are they destroyed, or what? Thanks! ” Follow the rules for pursuit, so if you hit a unit you charge them following all rules for charges. If you hit a fleeing unit they are destroyed, since you can only hold against a charge from pursue/random movement.

  • Quote from Sur: “Quote from Lagerlof: “Yes, but I still think it's wrong. Why should it get a benefit from getting a hex? Sure it will probably never matter, but that time it does... ” It's witchcraft. The Wheel Turns (as an hex) can benefit enemy units too. ” Not the same thing IMO. You wouldn't cast the wheel turns on a unit so it gets a buff unless you want to die.. But making a catapult half as effective is often useful, but why should you also risk units that are closer than 12". I neither …

  • @fjugin Intention of the spell? Twisted effigy, now you get 6" minimum with catapults instead of 12", intended? Too small to warrent a change? Personally I think it should just affect the maximum range (looks better, otherwise you get a buff from a hex), but it will probably not matter in any game ever

  • Quote from Spazbite83: “When refusing a challenge, can the model that refused still be hit by close combat attacks? ” Yes, he just stands there and takes it.

  • Quote from Shlagrabak: “I don't think it's necessary to argue. If a catapult indicates Range 12-60" and has its Range halved, it becomes 6-30". It reads very simple to me. ” Yes, but I still think it's wrong. Why should it get a benefit from getting a hex? Sure it will probably never matter, but that time it does...

  • Quote from Shlagrabak: “As written, it's simply halved, so I would say 6"-30". If this is not a real balance issue I'd say keep it for simplicity. Otherwise, we'd have to modify it to "have their maximum range halved", even though most weapons and spell simply have a field name "Range". ” Quote from nicreap: “but my point is there isnt any abusable way to take advantage of the reduced minimum range. It's a hex, so toy can't make your own war machines shoot at point blank range. ” Quote from Bria…

  • Quote from Ks_As: “You are playing 4500 and therefore is 25% of 4500, so 1125 or more, even if you end up with an army of 2481 points. Percentages are taken from the game size, not from the actual army point count ” Actually that's not a legal army "An army mayfall below the limit only by 40 points or less. " Page 15

  • Quote from Marcos24: “Ohh ok that's right, that makes sense. So if on a charge you would have to move up 3 inches, and use your one wheel to clear an object or something, but you roll double 1's, you immediately start to wheel up to 1 inch, but if you can't because that puts you within 1 inch of a friendly unit, you just don't move at all? Or you move forward 1" ” You wheel on the spot if you can, if you can't clear a unit or obstacle you stay put.

  • Quote from Marcos24: “If you can't wheel even three inches you wouldn't be able to declare a charge at all right? ” During the charge move you can move forward and then wheel, the fail charge does not follow the same rules.

  • Quote from bai81: “What if we unable to wheel at first? example I need to move "at least" 3 inches then able to wheel my unit. Can I move 4 inches then wheel or I must do the wheeling at 3 inches? ” If you can't wheel on the spot you don't move at all.

  • It counts as part of the move yes

  • Army size for ETC

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    Quote from Eternal Flitter: “ I too find it difficult to fit everything I would like into a 4.5k list, which surely means that you only bring what you absolutely think is the best or alternatively you have to accept that your army might be lacking something. Also remember that I am arguing for the competitive environment right now and personally seeing some MSU run around is not a problem for me. ” exactly the point with 4.5K. People have to think and make decisions about the army instead of jus…

  • @Shlagrabak @fjugin What do you think? How would you interpret it? See post #1

  • Quote from Petterwass: “How do War Platforms interact with maximisation rule? Do they count as the number of models they displace or just one. I.e if I charge a knight Lance into a unit of rats with a War Platform in them, can I charge most of the Knights into the platform, or am I forced to just clip it with a corner so I can get as many rats as possible into the combat? ” They count as one model only.

  • Quote from Klexe: “Quote from Lagerlof: “@Klexe No. You cant get more hits than there are models ” but doenst the war Plattform rule says you count his base?This means for example I have 4 ranks with 4 files which means 16 models. Area 4 means I would hit these 16models. But there are not 16 models. 6 models are the war Plattform for example. This means I have 10 unit models and 1 Plattform model = 11. Does this mean I only would get 11 hits out of an area 4 attack? ” Area attack: "No model can …

  • Quote from helldragon: “Thank Lagerlof, i understand as you explain, but my opponent have not understand that. ” Hit him in the head with the rulebook

  • Quote from helldragon: “Can i dispell spell remain in play (this spell cast previous magic phase) after my opponent have to cast a spell and i am not dispell this spell to cast? Because my opponent refused to me to dispell spell remain in play after he have to cast one other spell. ” Step 1: Reactive player choses to try and dispell RiP or not. Step 2: Active player choses to cast a spell or not. If the reactive player choses to not dispell a RiP in step 1, the active player can now chose to end…

  • @Klexe No. You cant get more hits than there are models

  • Army size for ETC

    Lagerlof - - General Discussion


    How can 500 points make all the difference? I don't understand. Are you just reluctant to remove units?