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  • Guys, take it down a notch please. Let's not get personal... (Hidden Content)

  • The Magic Phase Design: The ambition is to have a magic phase that is DUMB enough for new players to understand it within 5 minutes of reading the rules. This results in a faster, leaner phase that is intuitive, and serves as a 'clause-free' base point for individual armies to customize from. Fluff: While the Veil is omnipresent and accessible to a multitude of races, it seems highly unlikely that they would collectively adopt the same approach to using magic. 1. Wizards - Prodigy: A specialist …

  • @Herminard Does the success of your TVI-MSU have anything to do with the perfectly balanced unbreakable but not unstable and always do damage rule?

  • Whitness the 2DSickness

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    OK, this weekend I'll take my first two pictures, and upload them. Should I start a new blog/thread @2DSick?

  • 4096pts. (Bloodstorm practice game for a friend) Classic, Hold Center WotDG vs. VS 6 rounds, 3h Quick summary (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) Fast Summary - Deployment, he dropped fairly quick for 1st turn. - We danced a bit, I fluffed magic badly all game long (2 miscasts and garbage winds) - Abom was a beast, as was the grinder, and the assassin was 1 wound short of killing my BSB - I told him my plan, kill everything and avoid his pendulum - I killed everything and avoided his pendulum - bu…

  • Last tourney, 3/4 people I travelled with had time issues. I was the only player in our quartet to finish all 6 rounds in 5 games. Admittedly, this was a small 2K army game with repeating scenario and only 1.5h to play - but it is far from being an uncommon issue from what I have observed.

  • I love threads like these. Game duration IS an issue. Thus even if we don't agree on the solutions, I think everyone can get behind the ambition. Nice initiative mate!

  • Seen it, it's awesome! Stupid-People-vs.-Genius.jpg

  • Whitness the 2DSickness

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    I love all your work. Damn it's inspiring to see these WIP! We should do a Tutor-a-nOOb painting series together with my Vortex Beast - you tell me what to buy and I'll get the paints. You could make mocking remarks about my progress - I'll even contribute cutting self-critique if you like...

  • An yu nee te sta droppin de hard vowel endings - cuz it's no abou how har you can hit, it's concussion?

  • 12ec3556c7f8682d30da19a1727ee04c.jpg

  • There is another issue: consistency Deployment: d6 system Movement: d6 system Magic: d10 & d6 system Shooting: d6 system Combat: d6 system Unless we want to rebuild everything from d10 (certain death for the game IMO) then players are being asked to juggle two probability systems in their heads. Simple & intuitive rules should be the ambition not IP differentiation - that will come naturally since a lot of GWs system has flaws which we dislike.

  • Wow, that was quite a read! I like the reduced amount of randomness for generating dice. I can see this system working very well with fluff of DL and it fits with background - lots of design windows open up at a strategic level too. The active/defensive/channeling system is nice - could also interact with certain modifiers depending on the AWSW. The one thing that really bothers me is the d10 system. D10 is a completely different statistical set, and will require an enormous change in older play…

  • I do, in the item brainstorming thread. CDS - toeing the line, no matter what the haters say!

  • Battle Report

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    Will write up a battle report soon(-ish) about how my list went in @blonde beer s tournament in Zeist. But first, .GIFS Game One vs. a manly full vanguard Dwarf CC army with a very scary Dragon Seeker! (Hidden Content) Game Two vs. Mono Lust Daemon Horde and Co. (Hidden Content) Game 3 vs WotDG DrOgre/Chosen/Flail-Barbs (Hidden Content) Game 4 vs SA Points denial, minor shooting (Hidden Content) Game 5: Teraccotta Deathstar (Hidden Content) Overall it was a really fun day, and bringing a big nas…

  • Langage du forum

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    Quote from Nwab: “Bonjour à tous, je n'ai pas trouvé l'information mais est ce que l'anglais est la seule langue autorisée sur le forum ou bien est il possible de faire un post de proposition de support en français? ” voilà

  • Not everyone was pleased to see the 7 Dark Gods revealed... (Hidden Content)

  • I can't post meme's with naughty words, but I saw a Dungeon Master completely lose his temper today and it reminded me of this: Google Search: Cthulhu in Power Armor (first result under images)

  • Quote from Puppet: “This should be consulted with community before any work started. I guess that it is "community" project or I am wrong? ” You are both right and wrong. The project is community driven: - The 9th Age is a game made for players by players - we are not a for-profit company, all staff time is voluntary - Changes are made with two communities in mind; the competitive tournament players, and the casual weekend players - Current collections are respected during design But it is not c…

  • I'm working on this exact issue as we speak - stay tuned over the newt few days.