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  • Miscast edited again, with a Cataclysmic miscast. This is a rule made just for the fluff, with no impact on most games as it will happen at most every 7,500 attempts with 7 dice. The goal is to add some thrill when throwing too many dice, and to help to incorporate into the game some of the background. Sometimes it will be triggered and create epic memories.

  • I am super enthusiast! However, it will have to wait for the publication of the Background Compendium. Not date known. Quote from QuothTheRaven: “There are no obvious IP issues as D&D encourages you to create your own adventures and Fantasy Roleplay T9A would not be a commercial product, just a different setting. ” There is no issue... until we publish hard books. Then copyright will be an unescapable issue. In anticipation for that bright future, I would suggest to establish a future T9A rolepl…

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  • Quote from JDAntoine: “I believe making lore that fits the game is best. ” It is more subtle than that. What both lore and game support is: - as much as possible of the vast players' collections - as much as possible of the spirit of WH. Now, debating lore fitting game or game fitting lore looks like like chicken and egg debate. All the more that emphasis may vary in time. No matter which has precedence, there will be lots of internal discussions back and forth between loremakers and gamemakers.

  • Quote from Greven: “D10 or D6 or Dx is actually totally unimportant since the proposed D10 is created to closely match the D6 system. The same statisticsal outcome could probably be acomplished with a D6 based system but with more dice or more complicated re-rolling, so it will not likely lead to a better system. ” Indeed. The closest system I have found to mimic a D10 or D12 is rolling 3 D6 dice, no need for reroll. If there is a double or triple, result = value of that double/triple. Otherwise…

  • Quote from JDAntoine: “When I look at the website, forum and its contents Id say its 90% game related content and 10% literature related content, maby less. ” Biased. When you look at what was released from T9A, rules have been delivered, but not most of the background. Background is limited to two army books, one path of magic and half a full rulebook. Missing background compendium, 15 AB's background, and supplements. Fact is that today, we do not address sufficiently the needs of background l…

  • Quote from grungimusic: “However with 2.0 slated to be released somewhere towards the end of the year, I think it would be a good idea to get the planned rules changes out to the community as quickly as possible. This will be the final version after all, so the sooner we as a community can begin play testing, the sooner we can get this baby refined, balanced, buffed, and polished. I think the WDG and magic suggestion initiatives are a great step in the right direction, but that leaves still many…

  • Quote from Ok@mi: “Let's be honest: I want to play a game, not get a doctorate on ancient history here. ” YMMV. Other people are interested in having a very detailed lore. Remember WH, for which there were thousands of pages of passionate discussions just about the fluff. In my case, after discovering Dongeons and Dragons, I developed a huge interest in medieval litterature, and medieval history, which largely outlasted my interest in the game. For that reason, I am personally interested not onl…

  • Quote from JDAntoine: “At the end of the discussion its more the question of FBT9A being a game with lore (many polls have been made for game design) or will it be literature with a game (few polls have been made for lore design). ” I would like to dispute that. In the early days of T9A, there has been a lot of effort to ask potential players what they liked and did not like in each of the 16 faction's lores. Not fair to call that "few polls". Also, the amount of detail elaborated for T9A has be…

  • Like! Like in particular some of your miscast proposals, 2) being award-winning! (except I dislike losing wizards on a miscast, teleporting them is sufficient IMO).

  • Simple and looks efficient. Any evaluation of the potential cost of a Lvl1, 2, 3 and 4 compared to present apprentices and masters?

  • Sorry to spoil, but you cannot use "Kislev" because that name has already be used and copyrighted. You may mention Kislev as an inspiration, of course. I did not check but I hope you did not copy-pasted anything directly from the Kislev supplement. Could you find a more appropriate name please? @lawgnome

  • Is this thread intended to be moved to Full Magic Phase Proposals, or is the intention to create a distinct thread there, or would only a couple of posts from this thread be moved? Just curious.

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    Love the idea of faction-specific sig spell. Along with path-specific miscast, that would be hugely immersive.

  • Miscast edited.

  • Worth examining closely. The originality is there. The token system, well, how is it limited? What if one side just tries to shut off the opponent's magic by spamming the tokens?

  • There is certainly something to investigate in your magic resistance proposal. -=-=- Quote from Squirrelloid: “[Optional: Because this system tends to encourage wizards to be close to the fighting, it may additionally make sense to remove the front rank rule from wizards, or at least wizards which aren't intended to fight, possibly by tying the removal of Front Rank to inability to use armor. Ex: Squishy: Wizards who cannot use armor lose the Front Rank rule.] ” This one, I will shamelessly stea…

  • There's definitively something to investigate. This would explain the reluctance to use magic for non-essential tasks.

  • Done! Actually, I incorporated most of the Q&A suggestions and modified the proposal accordingly. Changelog: 1. Added a rule allowing wizards not to be in the front rank. 5. Dispel: paragraph changed to allow dispelling in a bubble close to target (not anymore only within target). Modified fluff as well. 5.a Magic resistance: Clarified that it replaces V1.3 ward saves. 6. Resolving spell: added example for clarification.

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    I solved it myself. Using my limited Admin powers, I ticked in "Suggestions" forum the "Display sub-forums on the forum list" option. In order to keep hidden the other immediate sub-forums, I ticked " Hide forum on the forum list" on them. From my point of view, this achieved the desired result. If I screwed up something else in the process, please let me know - and fix, of course.