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    Quote from Gnomes2169: “ ” Man... I am gonna cry :D:D

  • Chief!

  • Weapon team a3b52c90ff4624ed673718c2e7d1f870o.jpg

  • Norba, My congratulations for the new dwarves. At the beginning I did not like any of your models, but slowly I am getting interested in all your products. I think you are increasing oyur quality level! cheers

  • 25 monks ready for the battle! (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

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  • Update of March! 25 Slaves and Plague Prophet ( i know I promised to finish before Marcha but I had to paint a full army of dwarves...haha) Sorry guys... It is so difficult to insert the pictures! I had to do it one by one. Prophet and most of slaves were painted by Scoub

  • Quote from Baldin: “Problem with fewer points is that it makes building a competitive list very hard for some armies. Take for example the VC. By default their general will be very expensive (or forced to take a necromancer as general). I play both VC and O&G. VC will struggle much more due to the reduction in points than the O&G will. A vampire count is 380 points without gear, bloodlines or magic. If you want to have a vampire that has atleast some power you will spend upwards of 800 points. C…

  • Quote from rolan: “What is the problemhere? right now everybody can play the game he likes best: You like small games? There is the warband rule You like medium games? There is the standard army size You like rally big games? There are grand armies Why would anybody change that? To force other people to play only what he thinks is best? We have a rule set that allows for all kind of games. That is how it should be. ” Calm down man, I am not telling to force to the People to Play another Thing...…

  • After some days without commenting this post I will add new info. I did a Basic Analysis of 3-4 Codex about what would be the best- most balanced Points for a small game. I still consider 2500 as the Optimum size Points. I would like to remind to the old-ancient-Veteran Players that in the past, we used to Play 1500 tournament lists. Rrarely, we were able to see 2000 Points... With 1500 Points of the old warhammer Fantasy Version, there were a lot of limitations. For example: no possibilities of…

  • Quote from Ielthan: “I'm the total opposite, I love the big games, and would ideally like the game to go to 7000pts+, but with the number of monsters/shooting similar, so theres a much greater emphasis on infantry blocks. Armies feeling like real armies with battlelines, on larger, deeper battlefields. I'm a huge fan of the perry brothers style huge historical battles, Id love a fantasy game to take on those proportions. Smaller games are fun for scenarios or campaign, but I wouldn't want averag…

  • And What about something in between? 2700-2800?

  • The thing is that reducing the points theoretically should reduce the huge differences between armies. For example in the battle report, In my army the general was a plague prophet with destiny armour and he was quite tough... At 5000 points I would never play him like this. With the current percentages I would like to "Know" what is the best number of points for small games and fix it.

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “Couldn't agree more Started this to push in the same dorection Play easier games, play more often: Interest in 2.000 games Think 3.000 is still alot, would like to plead for 2.500 or 2.000. ” I mean with 3000 you can more or less satisfy all players!. But probably 2700 or 2800 should be enough... this is what I want to discuss in this post. And try to find a number of points in order to unify the community. So we can organice two type of tournaments: 5000 points and 2500??…

  • Hello guys! First of all sorry for my english mistakes as I am not an english native speaker. Lets begin... I am fan-tournament-boy. I used the ninth age for playing 5000 points each time I can. But I got tired of such quantity of points... I am not saying we should change the system, I am asking for make a system in parallel for all those people they love playing wargames but hate 3-4 hours gaming and units of 50+ models. I would like to open this post in order to discuss what would be the best…

  • Character with frenzy inside of a non-frenzy unit, must take leadership test to avoid charging when feasible? thanks!

  • The idea is to mix the painting stuff. In one month: 5 monks 10 slaves giant rats? So do not focus just in fill up 500 points un only slaves

  • Quote from robstrachan: “How are you going about painting so much so quickly? ” Actually is not so much. 50% of the models are painted by Scoub, and the other 50% I have to find out and practice (a lot!) to try to unify the colours of all models. It is a hard Task. The list of miniatures that I propose is for 3 months. But I expect to paint more than 1000 Points during These months!.