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    Giladis - - Background & Stories


    Quote from Taki: “I really really really want to spoil it... ” braveheart-hold-hoooold-hoooold-hooooooold.jpg

  • Quote from Kpl.blutch: “Unless that QS comes out very (very) soon ” Very soon is exactly what we are aiming for.

  • Ok guys. Lets leave that for the off topic subforum

  • Yeah but that is still Soviets. Anyway OT. Lets get back to the Survey. 48h has passed and we have received 700 replies.

  • Quote from Klaudel: “ you're welcome ” I didn't count that due the whole Soviets =/= Russia.

  • Quote from Lagerlof: “Pff, did not go so well for russia last time they tried expanding to the west. ” Hmmm. I am really searching my memory to remember when was the last time Russia fought an offensive war on European soil and lost

  • Post updated with players per 100 000 people. Anything else and number would be too small.

  • I'll see what I can do but I feel in that case Denmark or Fiji are the winners

  • "Watching from his balcony above the inn entrance Markos counted the foreign merchants coming through the main gate. The winter storms have passed and the ice had melted on the passes allowing trade to once more flow into the eternal city. An important conclave was being held in Avras. The city administrations and all interested parties were discussing the new tariffs and taxes for imported goods so entrepreneurs from across the world had come to have their say." Hello everyone and welcome back …

  • Quote from DJWoodelf: “There's a difference if a magical weapon is used by a Skink Priest or Cuatl Lord or Skink Captain or Caiman Ancient or Firtborn. Or if a arcane item is used by a Skink Priest or Cuatl. ” Of course there is a difference. Quote from DJWoodelf: “We won't achieve that if a daemon prince pays the same price for a magical weapon that grants additional attacks than a goblin hero.... ” Agreed.

  • April is still game when exactly depends on the our artists to accommodate one last change.

  • Quote from Neaj: “Can you elaborate upon those norms ? ” I can give a few short pointers but we were helped by a professional to ensure the questions were correctly crafted. The question mustn't be biased. The yes and no questions should be avoided if the same goal can be reached by using a different kind of a survey tool. Statements provided to chose from need to be given in an as understandable form as possible depending on the complexity of the matter asked. The rough order of sub-statements …

  • Quote from Neaj: “Why is the first part so byzantine compared to the second ? ” Because it was constructed to follow survey creation norms and to avoid creating bias withing the question for a particular answer.

  • Quote from Stygian: “We should really work on recruiting him to T9A. ” We asked, he wasn't interested. He likes what he is doing and so do I

  • Survey launches tomorrow. We are finishing the translations.

  • Quote from Squirrelloid: “No matter what you say, core must ultimately be the choice of the society. ” You misunderstood me. What I am going to present is what Core means within the confines of the terminology specific to the T9A:FB. Not what would historically be the core of armies within our own world or within any fantasy setting. Quote from Squirrelloid: “Good background is more than just making the story you want. It's taking your characters (people, countries, etc..) as rational entities t…

  • Just so that you guys know I am working on providing an official statement like the one Scale in the Rulebook what Core is in the 9th Age so that we can wider community can understand what certain name that can have more than one meaning means for the crew building the 9th Age: Fantasy Battles game.

  • Quote from Morgan_Treeman: “Now for my next video I have to explain that the core category is not the core of the list even though it's called "core". ” Because these units form the core of the armies of the factions within our setting, but since the game needs to be able to represent a very wide number of potential narratives we cannot put that Core always makes the overwhelming percentage of the force, but what we can ensure is they are always present since an army without at least some Core u…

  • Quote from JDAntoine: “wants to know are objective goals and I see no reason to not share them ” We share things as soon as we are able to when we know they will not change. The goal is to have a rank and file mass combat game system. More detail than that is not on me to decide.

  • Quote from JDAntoine: “I've been here for a month or two and still have no idea of what's T9A 2.0 is going to be. ” As has been said many times it will be a spiritual successor of the legacy of the tabletop wargames of the late '80 and early '90 of which Warhammer was the best known representative Also I have a feeling you are misunderstanding what spiritual successor means. Spiritual means it follows the spirit of the game not the specific expression which is held by GW.