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  • @JDAntoine - this board looks really nice

  • The not so serious thread 2.0

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  • Quote from doctorgonzo: “im just worried, that more and more players will leave the Game if you put D10 in there......think of it guys, i guess the Past gave you some experience on how adoptable the Players are.... ” This system could work in principle with D6s as well but this would mean a major rebalancing for all spells is needed. As I stated initially, the D10s are certainly the biggest minus point of this proposal

  • Tournament Philosophy

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    Disclaimer: I have only read the initial posts - therefore my answer might be a bit out of place In my opinion the main problem is that there is too much black and white / all or nothing thinking currently. I firmly believe there is a vastly underused market for "casual-competitive" events because the majority of our players actually fall in this category. Competitive campaign weekends could offer a setting with a very strong narrative focus which still maintain the competitive aspect of the gam…

  • I am currently a bit short pressed on time but will respond once I have a bit of breathing space. Because it came up - we are very well aware what it going on on our own forum ( ), not to mention that our army support team works tirelessly to keep us in the loop what the specific racial communities perceive as "important". Rest assured - we care, we listen

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “As the bgt has it hands full for at least a few years, I'd say install a T9A RPG team. Or at least probe if there is enthousiasts that would and could set this up. Same goes for a coordinated campaign. ” I think this could be a good way to recruit more BGT writers as well - many RPG enthusiasts are very capable and write adventures on a regular basis.

  • A post I made recently because the discussion of core units came up - any input on that matter from a community perspective? Some definitions upfront to avoid misunderstanding: - absolute power level: absolute power of a units (how "good" is a unit on its own - this doesn't have anything to do with points) - relative power level: power level in a relative sense = compared to other units (this is the comparison of a unit's absolute power + points vs other units; a commonly used synonym would be i…

  • Quote from Giladis: “The BGT definitely is aiming to support an RPG in the future. ” I am very much looking forward to this - actually it was one of @Draecarions dreams to be able to play a T9A RPG sometime in the future...

  • Demostration of 9th age

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    Depending on when this is going to happen you could use the Quickstarter rules which will be published in April approximately.

  • What minis I have to shop? VC

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    Quote from Littlefaces94: “Quote from Sir_Joker: “Anyway - I can forward you an example list if that helps you, furthermore there is a list discussion thread I opened somewhere in the VC subforum and there you can find some strigoi builds as well (they are pretty similar to what is possible in Version 1.3 and should be a good example) ” Ye pls ahah ” Stuff you could consider playing: Brotherhood of the Dragon (Hidden Content) Lamia (Hidden Content) Strigoi (Hidden Content)

  • Fantasy Roleplay: The 9th Age

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    It was mentioned a long time ago that we want to use the 9th Age as a platform for various gaming systems - this includes pen & paper RPG, a "Mortheim"-like narrative skirmish game (likely Avras will play a big role there) and other systems. The idea is to develope a complete world and use it for various applications.

  • I have thought about something along this lines for miscasts (the veil thickens if breached = less dice in the next friendly magic phase).

  • I think the magic phase isn't hated - players just would like a bit more stability. Making spell generation and magic resources more predictable is a good thing in my opinion - I don't like that miscast automatically blow up units either. We have to re-design the magic phase anyway and I think that incorporating the feedback we get from our community can show us which direction whe should aim for

  • Well, it is very unfortunate that you roll crap but that is obviously subjective We cannot make more than ensuring the % are where we want them to be - variance is a statistical measure and therefore it is possible to calculate it. Fortunately @nicreap spent countless hours running the numbers to ensure the gaming experience stays the same

  • Quote from tiny: “To be honest, that simply reflects that the proposal was first shared internal. ExB/AvB members do not take part in rules design decisions and were simply asked first for input before the system was shared publicly. ” The work for this proposal started much earlier before the idea to make an official community announcement came even up - the other staff members only were so kind to take the time and give me some feedback on the ideas I had. Any constructive feedback is valuable…

  • Quote from Greven: “it desperatly tries to autocorrect this into a unintelligeable swedish/english/gibberish textmass. ” I know that one too well unfortunately... xD

  • I am most certain that this proposal can be improved - that's why I put all the work in and posted it to gain feedback to begin with

  • Good that you posted this here Erik - I really liked this idea for the base dice generation

  • Quote from Necrosa: “Hi! Please, excuse-me if I'm completely off-topic but, it's really insteresting because my - very successful - proposal is on the opposite side! First, I must confess I'm absolutely AGAINST D10 for my part! (And against adding new game material.) I think that, if we begin with it in the magic phase, we'll open a door that we shouldn't. D6 are simple and cool, D10 create a completely different approach for a game. Then, in relation to the strategic point of view : I completel…

  • The not so serious thread 2.0

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    Quote from There Is No Spoon: “I like things DUMB! ” @There Is No Spoon, the above quote inspired me to share you this: