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  • Note: Even in 9th Age the max amount of Attacks I rolled in one go was 80A. Though, it was under 0.8 with broken Inspire Greatness rules XD Greetings, Kathal

  • No (I do not need a representation of me on the battle field ) I'm currently painting some WDG models, but my opinion about the new WDG book will have to wait till the official beta release Greetings, Kathal

  • @noir, combat from a Skaven block in 8th. If you can figure it out from there, you will get a cookie from me Greetings, Kathal

  • Quote from AEnoriel: “I don't know what it's worth but I like rolling tons of dice. Kind of part of the game, I just do. ” The moment you needed to roll 1200 dices you realised, there is a hard cap about rolling dices before you start hating it. (and yes, I had to roll once 1200 dices in a single die roll) Greetings, Kathal

  • Furthermore, I have planned to release a recap of the current spoilers, basically a blog article where all the spoilers and comments regarding the 2.0 release at this point and time are condensed into a single article. Should make it easier for you guys to check things up, when you are not sure about something. I just need to find a good way to get it into a good formatting Greetings, Kathal

  • Quote from Drakkar: “I hoped for a couple of weeks before beta, not several months ” As @Giladis already said, while the BRB and Paths are close to get "done", the AB updates just started. It is hard to judge, how long this will take. Add to this at least some amount of internal testing (to find dysfunctional rules and updates basically) it simply takes time Greetings, Kathal

  • Quote from Math-CD: “has any approx. date for the release been communicated yet? I struggeled to find the information anywhere. ” No, since we have no idea how long it will take, till we are can release it (lots of stuff to do). From my phone

  • Quote from Spazbite83: “Do you think that the current army builders (i.e. battlescribe) will be able to handle the additional stats? ” Yes and no. The additional stats are not a problem the Layout of them is one, due to the way AB is build (I have no infos about battlescribe). Quote from Mahlzeit: “So what's going to happen to models that use a high Ballistic skill? Like, BS 7. Means that the model will hit on 2+ standard, but as per the BTS update that would mean any negative modifier would app…

  • The not so serious thread 2.0

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    @Iluvatar, but I remembered HIM differently Meme_644c62_2180578.jpg Greetings, Kathal

  • Hey guys! This is the discussion (and feedback) thread for the new 8th BTS Issue, which you can find here: As always, keep it civilised and somewhat ontopic Btw. this is the first time in a rather long time that I haven't contributed to the BTS issue at all, so the guys in charge of this issue where solely Mr. High Elf himself, @Calcathin and Mr. "I swear, I'm serious!" @There Is No Spoon. Have a look at the WIP new layouts for the slim rulebook and let us know what you think of them here! Impor…

  • The not so serious thread 2.0

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    2000 more posts, and I will be able to bring a Vegate meme. Just one more year to go Greetings, Kathal

  • Ridicolous dice rolls

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    Quote from Lagerlof: “Pretty epic for one spell xD ” Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the days, when we played the Storm of Chaos campaign (again) in the local club, there was a table with 4 active Comets, all cast on turn 1 (cause people were able to cast spells and shoot at other tables). They arrived at turn 6 and cleared close to everything there was. That table was the main table, so roughly 8k per side AND they got reinforcement over the game, so lots of stuff to get killed XD That was the, by far…

  • Quote from DJWoodelf: “Give a hammer to a child and tell him/her to put a nail in the trunk (typical bavarian game....also on the octoberfest). ” Fun fact: Back in my school days the best one at this was a 1,50 girl. She knew exactly where to put the nail and how to hit it to nail it in one go. Quote from Nicreap: “Ya, a canonball would, and to represent that is has AP6. but that is also because a cannonball through the use of it's gunpowder, is producing forces far higher than basically anythin…

  • The not so serious thread 2.0

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    Topic of today: giphy.gif Greetings, Kathal

  • Quote from Krokz: “Quote from Kathal: “That you were able to build the best gunline out of it (including 2 Hellcannons) was something we didn't think about ” Hm, I am sure I can find in the archives that this was the intention. I personally wanted magic corner hammer WDG play style as the new play style Remember the Dagger Magic Weapon? It was the enabler for the style.Later we were told we should leave this play style to Infernal Dwarfs. Just like Ogres were being told they shouldn't have their…

  • The OK guys knew about our Marks, it was just, that the Synergy with OK was way better than what we could do in the WDG book (8 Oger Mercs with Pistols, Accurate, Poison and Mark of Change aka "which unit should die this turn?"). The WDG Gunline was an oversight, as simple as it is. We thought, that the Wizard Council idea would fit great for Change. That you were able to build the best gunline out of it (including 2 Hellcannons) was something we didn't think about (darn, that Flickering Fire Sp…

  • Quote from Kaitin: “Wasn't the Eye Of The Gods chart removed because of it was too complex and hard to remember? And now every model will have 40% more complex statline. ” Nah, that was a different reason. It was clunky, basically never happened in a game, if it happened you needed to look it up, cause you won't remember all the effects and than you would need to remember, that that specific Char got the bonus. With the nested ones it was even worse So yeah, that was a design fail basically, not…

  • Quote from Sir_Sully: “That is like saying that DH all Cavalry and VC Gunlines are good builds. These are things that just shouldn't happen! Ever! ” WDG gunline being the best gunline under 1.0 and Marked Ogers reaping more benefits from Marks than Warriors (also under 1.0) Greetings, Kathal

  • Quote from Drakkar: “Quote from Silver Wolf: “And I especially don't understand why people consider Insane courage broken when it statistically only has a chance of occuring in 1 out of 36 rolls. ” That's exactly the reason why Insane Courage got removed. That 1 times out of 36 your unit of 5 gobs stay in combat against a Bloodthirster wasn't something tournament players wanted to keep. That's too unpredictable, tournament players hate unpredictability. ” Most frustrating rule ever (btw. even th…

  • For a tournament game 3h is the bare minimum, depending on the armies we field. Causal I'm done in 2h on average for a normal game. Greetings, Kathal