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  • OK, käme Quick Starter auch in Frage? Das ist gerade für Anfänger , teilweise auch Wiedereinsteiger und Casualgamer gedacht.

  • Hi. Inwieweit seid ihr denn ein "Anfänger"stammtisch?

  • Moderator Request

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    please move... Reworking Steadfast To... Suggestions

  • ok thanks for the info

  • Quote from Wohoel: “Hello all Tonight i played a game, whom i have tried getting into the game before, with no luck, but with the QS guide it seemed he had more fun.. Our only hope and question is, when do we get access to a translated version, my english is good, but my friend is super dyslexic both in English, but also in Danish, but it works better than english, me translating badly all the game phases isnt helping.. I could help, but only on the army guides to danish ” could you please tell …

  • Quote from Vulgarsty: “I houserule it that any lone model that is not a monster or chariot, stead aligns to any ranked chargers. Unranked chargers still have to close the door of course, and say 3 wolfriders who were ranked but lost a couple of casualties still force misdirects It is Tough on se eagles which are almost pocket monsters and maybe should force alignment to themselves (a case for a redirector special rule for some very rare monstrous examples where there is consensus it is realistic…

  • Good idea

  • you ARE late to the show.

  • Experiences with 2D terrain

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    there is just some terrain that very often is problematic in 3d 1. Impassable Terrain NO Problem (it's impassable ) 2. Fields NO Problem (at least most terrain) 3. Hills sometimes (if the hill is not even or if a unit is only partly on a hill) 4. Forests NO Problem (at least for terrain with lose trees that you can just move aside...and not having trees on the table as SE player is a no go ) 5. Ruins often problematic (how often have I experienced that a player leaves a unit as it is and marks t…

  • Quote from Tangeek: “there you go , greenstuffworld will soon be releasing a whole set of 2d scenery…errain-set-22-pieces.html ” this is indeed great stuff. now we only need 2d miniature-units-models and there it is the Travel Game Set.

  • Armies and difficulty level

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    Quote from durion: “... I would say these armies support one or both of these playstlyles very well: OK, DH, WTDG, DH, ID, EoS ... ” I would remove EoS because the army is depending on synergy (orders, buff waggons, buff spells, artificier) which is a higher difficult. Without all these, an EoS gunline is too bad.

  • Impact Hits, Grinding and Stomp

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    thats extremely close to what I prefer. Being one step smaller = normal trample Being two steps smaller = more trample I would even introduce tiny size for swarms and instead remove unstable from swarms. Very nice approach to merge impact hits and stomp.

  • KoE Army Book Project

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    Quote from Kratos: “thats a good idea. Let me KISS it. Scoring units need a full rank to score. This will allow msu but small units of knights can get a discount. As only buses of knights ( which koe excels at) and infantery will be viable good scorers Now who we need to summon to transfer that to RT? @DJWoodelf ” that's already discussed in other threads. I also think that a minimum number of models to be able to score. This would give maximum MSU a limit but also create some more strategical p…

  • End the msu abomination

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    Quote from grungimusic: “... I just added an edit, what do you think of option #4? So for example, every full 5 wounds might give a qualifying unit one scoring point. This also means that units dropped below 5 wounds are no longer effective enough to secure objectives. As it stands, a lone warrior has equal scoring potential to a full block of 30, which seems a bit silly. ” the question is which change is realistic to even take into consideration for v2.0.? Big changes maybe not. Being able to s…

  • End the msu abomination

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    the whole issue can and should just be solved by point costs. Min size units (especially the ones with scoring) should be much more expensive per model than medium size units. We just have the wrong "pricing philosophy". MSU shouldnt be banned but it should be priced correctly. There is an obvious advantage to have more units than the opponent be it 1. Scoring units 2. Cheap units to chaff There are too many units in each army of the game for which there is no incentive to field in units bigger …

  • Quote from theunwantedbeing: “Quote from DJWoodelf: “"as long as not having Full Ranks, a unit may not have more ranks than files." One sentence. ” Units that do not have a Full Rank may not have more ranks than files. Same thing but less 'yoda-speak'. That would be a really trivial way to prevent that reform to conga-line nonsense that happens. ” When not Full Ranks you have, no more ranks than files you may have.

  • The easiest way would be to do the following. 1. all units need to be created that there is ONE empty space. For critical units there could be a special rule "autonomous" or "independent" which means "can't be joined by a character. E.g. you can't buy a SE Druid an Enchanted Stead and put it in a Wild Huntsmen unit. OR Define that a unit with initially just one rank can't be joined by a character. E.g. Highborn Lancers 5 models (5 wide) can't be joined while Highborn Lancers 9 models (5 wide) ca…

  • Quote from piteglio: “tnx for the feedback. fjugin: yes, cutouts could be great, but as you say there'd be some form of production cost, if we want to create a great QS 2D set. i'm toying with a couple of ideas at the moment. i'll keep you guys posted. djwoodelf: no, at the moment you do not replace a model with your character. i am proposing that we do. this makes it very easy to have printed cutouts, on top of which you just place wound or character counters. this makes the game extra portable…

  • Quote from DJWoodelf: “"as long as not having Full Ranks, a unit may not have more ranks than files." ... ” Quote from DJWoodelf: “ "furthermore, units may not have more than 10 files". ... ” Quote from Lagerlof: “It sounds good. Too good Any obvious problems that will follow? I can't think of one right now. ” Seems like you now have the honour to convince RT or just hack the rule book file and add these two sentences.

  • Quote from Caledoriv: “Well, that only makes it harder for the enemy to make congas, because showing the flank to the enemy is still possible... So it doesn't really get rid of it. ” "furthermore, units may not have more than 10 files". Yes, this would be a restriction but I have never seen a unit wider than 10 models. As soon as a unit has >10 models it would need 2 ranks which would be the instakill of most unstable units.