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  • payments and registration is now live! Please visit

  • Corner Hammer GT March 24,25 Chicago

    bubafett - - Canada


    payments and registration is now live! Please visit

  • FYI PayPal and registration is live. I updated initial post to say this. Go to the website and pay now!!

  • Quote from jgetsi: “should offer totally arbitrary awards: best smile best dressed most annoying most likely to succeed best hair most likely to end up in jail basically open up any high school yearbook and offer those superlatives as awards ” @Murphy' care to weigh in on this award in bold?

  • Quote from Giladis: “I am exploring options with @Mr.Owl to attend as well I just need to sort some other stuff as well. Going all the way to US without any additional sightseeing would be quite excessive ” as Len said he is planning some stuff for during the week for out-of-towners to come and see Chicago and have a good time. There's already a chat amongst some UK guys to talk about this sort of stuff. If you and blonde beer and mr. Owl and whoever else are interested in the stuff let us know …

  • Quote from SadlerCPII: “HYPE Can we do best good, neutral, and evil awards again? I'd like to defend by Best Good. I'll even bring the Acon metal and put name over the Acon! ” we will be doing BiR awards

  • Quote from Nicreap: “are we doing grudges? Can i grudge mr.owl if he comes? This project is highlander style right? I beat him and get his job? I beat a UD ACS and now have that job! ” yup. Just make sure to let us know once both parties are signed up and agree but judges do reserve the right to veto ant grudges if we feel a abuse of the system is in play

  • I'm just loving the mad support we are getting from the communjity on this. People not even just from the USA but all over the world are talking about coming with is amazing!

  • Quote from el rey: “Quote from bubafett: “can you bring kaare and Kent with you? ” Not sure I fit in his suitcase. ” who knows, it could be a BIG suitcase

  • Quote from iggykoopa: “I'd be down for making it an entire weekend thing. Hell, since I'm already flying out there it'd be worth it to take a day off and come Thursday night, hang out for the day, then start the entire thing on Friday evening! This is the perfect opportunity to make it "our own". I say let's make this thing 3 days at a minimum. This could be labeled our premier event for the 9th Age each and every year (not saying this has to be the only large scale one, but right next to Acon, …

  • Quote from KeyserSoze: “It's hard for me to travel amywhere at the given time But as I said in the long term I can work something out and manage to visit my friends overseas. ” would love that. I got to see your Greece I'd love you to to see our.....uh ......we have some cook things just not really near me. But Chicago does I suppose.

  • Quote from KeyserSoze: “Good luck Len, I really hope you have fun and ease up the disappointment of adepticon, if this goes well I'll put a lot of effort to attending in the future. But I'm pretty much like Palmu. From another country. ” I'm appalled you won't travel from Greece for this vasileios! Lol jk man still love ya

  • Quote from Jon653: “I shall come ” awesome. Hopefully with a finished painted VC army!

  • that's to bad @Palmu as we would love to have you

  • Quote from iggykoopa: “Go ahead and sign me up for this. My bro and I will plan on making the trip. I'll do the official registration on the website as soon as it becomes available. Thanks for putting this on! ” sweet! There is a email listed on our website where you can pre-register so we can get an idea of who is coming and you can reserve your spot without having to pay you. We should have payment up within the next week

  • Quote from PyroLord: “While it sucks that I won't be able to play T9A at Adepticon having a GT that weekend that is close enough I can still travel up with my gaming group is awesome. Maybe in the future Adepticon will be able to move to a bigger venue so we can be back in. ” yep that's the idea Pyro. Still have it close enough and seem weekend that people can do both ninth age and still visit or do other things at adepticon. Like you said maybe it could work out in the future that this can move…

  • @toddymac2012 all good points. Hope to see you and Tim and Ken at Corner Hammer Gt! See you in a few at MiGT

  • sorry. Try now

  • Corner Hammer GT March 24,25 Chicago

    bubafett - - Canada


    for those paying attention to the "adepticon cancels t9a " thread and are wondering , we HAVE made a replacement tournament the same weekend and only about 5mins away from adepticon. And have also confirmed that there will be a shuttle that can take you to and from each hotel. It's only about 20-30min from ohare airport as well. We are proud to announce CornerHammer GT! March 24-25 in Schaumburg, IL At them moment we have a capacity for 60 players We will have more info on pri…