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  • Quote from Slatchman: “Looks like Jeff keeling Nick Vaux Hugh scarlin Ferny Could form a team?!? ” Details tbc, but please can we book Team Merc in.

  • How to keep everything in mind.

    ferny - - For Beginners


    Following! Couple of 'tricks' I think are quite useful: 1) If you have any particularly complex units rules-wise (I'm looking at you, DE BSB alter), then I write out a card for them. This has several things: i) a statline for each component part (so bsb, statue, acolytes, wagon) ii) then in brackets I have the assumed statline, e.g. rather than 1A x3 for acolytes +3 for paired weapons, I have (6) next to the true stat iii) in the relevant stat column I'll also note special rules, so for example …

  • Are there enough mercs wanting to go to form a Team Merc?

  • Quote from Eternal Flitter: “Quote from ferny: “I'm now available for this event if anyone could take on a low quality Merc. I usually play hbe but have enough of everything to do any Elf faction, but I do have broken beast Herds if that swings it for anyone (also Saurian and vampires, though I've not actually played them yet in 9th). Ferny ” By low quality you actually mean GOD TIER? ” Your trash talk is weak. Reminds me a little of this old one... (Hidden Content)

  • I'm now available for this event if anyone could take on a low quality Merc. I usually play hbe but have enough of everything to do any Elf faction, but I do have broken beast Herds if that swings it for anyone (also Saurian and vampires, though I've not actually played them yet in 9th). Ferny

  • Mitad Espanol, pero nunca aprendi a escribir - solo hablar...(pero admito que use google translate por 'liability' :P)

  • Por mi parte, hasta si los grifo's no son aun totalmente competitivo por torneos, con que sean lo suficiente mejor que se puedan jugar sin ser un riesgo estare contento...y tengo fe que sera mejor que eso, asi que :D. Pero claro, tentremos que esperar que veamos los puntos y como se cambiara el meta en 2.0.

  • Quote from Raffazza: “Walking home one day, hungry after a long slog at work, I walk past an antique shop and a dusty old lamp catches my eye. On a whim I buy it, and when I get home a few hours later I have a look at it and what do you know? It houses a genie! When asked what I wanted, my thoughts were consumed with the need for food. That though? Hmmm. I like burgers. A succulent beef patty in a fresh bun. Yum. It being a known quantity and tasty, makes sense to live off them. Not only do I wa…

  • It would be amazing to have homebrew books on the downloads page - that would be a massive step forward for these projects. There might need to be some steps to jump through first, and there'd be an 'unofficial, not fully balanced by the internal teams' caveat, but it would do a lot to normalise these armies, and yet wouldn't make them default acceptable for tournaments...but at the same time open them up more for casaual and fluff gamers. I guess for that a task team would need to take one on a…

  • Craig - what new book would you guys write - what would you start with first? And genuine question - what niche do you see it filling which is not already taken by one or some of the existing armies?

  • Paths of magic tiers

    ferny - - General Discussion


    In the UK Thaum was being rated as top tier - sure, it is hugely variable - but that variable alone (and not skill) has the ability to win games.

  • I think we can all agree DE got the short straw with spears, so for the moment I'll pop them to one side. Everyone seems to be jelous of WS5, but I get why they have it and no-one else does so I'll also shelf that. I actually think forest attribute is more important, because you don't need to worry so much about terrain RE: steadfast, and can actually use it as a useful anchor given the right circumstance. I think access to the SE spear is also pretty key here - it might not go in this unit (war…

  • Quote from Giladis: “Quote from ferny: “one decent sized block* ” You forgot to explain what you mean under it ” Good catch. *assuming c.25-30 man can get multiple special infantries if you go MSU or 2 blocks of 18-20 if you skrimp elsewhere, but I don't think this is particularly optimal and I don't see it much.

  • Quote from Fleshbeast: “To take the role of Devil's Advicate: I think we are also getting away from the AWSW for HBE with the spears as an anvil thing. HBE brings the tools for many matchups (others have said it better). This means your "special" section is where you need to play most to you style of play. Looking purely anvil then: FlameWardens - pure anvil against everything Lion Guard - anvil vs anything with fear Skirmishing LG - anvil in a forest Spears - mini anvil/tarpit against a bus of …

  • Fair. I've heard various theories about +1S first round of combat/to front/vs cav, but I don't think I've seen anything confirmed. I'd half expect an initiative bump round 1, but that's really based on nothing. There'll be a BTS blog on it soon which should reveal all...I guess for now we just wait... ...and agitate for heavy armour on HBE and DE spears ;).

  • I think we do actually agree - we're just coming at it from different angles :D! Out of curiosity, and as an aside from this topic - when you say none of the 3 spears are where we want them - what changes would you like to see for SE spears? If you exclude them from 4+AS, as we are doing in this discussion, what direction would you take them beyond the WS5 and synergy with calderon (if it goes into that unit) that they already have?

  • Quote from Throgg: “I think "anvil" is a bit of a fuzzy category. More anvilish than the rest of the army might be a better way of putting it. HbE spears are not great at unarmoured foes (although it isn't like the army is short of other units to take this role). HbE spears can become much more dangerous with the right buff on them. I am not saying they couldn't use a tweak - a slight drop in price would please me greatly, but I love to field them and have had some good success using them. Strik…

  • Quote from Aenarion43: “@Giladis The main issue with that attitude is that spears are then locked out as an effective unit. We mathed it out. The unit loses right now to 75% of core combat units point for point. And that’s for HbE, eho have the strongest of the 3 spear units. Dropping the price isn’t the answer, elves have numbers as a hard weakness. ” Or I could have just said this - very neatly put!

  • This maybe gets to the heart of it: are and should elven spears be anvils? Assuming for the moment that it's 'OK' for elves to have anvils of sorts, what options are available? Sylvan elves have dryads (core), tree shepherds (MI) and Treemen (Monsters), and depending on what you're facing and how quickly you can kill it, war dancers (I know they're not true anvils, but they can tank almost anything for a turn). Have I missed anything? HBE have flame wardens, arguably lion guard (they're not real…

  • Quote from Korvain: “It was removed because it was shown mathematically multiple times to always be a worse choice to upgrade to heavy armor than to just spend those points on more bodies for the unit. Both HBE and DE forums have posts showing this. The discussions were from around a year ago. ” That's a good point, thanks! But that fact leads to one of two ootions: 1) remove the invisible upgrade because it's worthless 2) fix the pricing on ha to make it worthwhile (and, arguably, bake it into …