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  • Question, because commenting stuff without having the full picture is just wrong... Is there a change to spears and lethal strike ? Because Tyro looks good now (a dino tank), but would be useless against spears... As others said, loss of stubborn on tauro is very bad, because he had a low LD and struggled against anything it had not charged or stomped. Now if he gets charged he will just flee I guess.. Also, I know you are working a lot on this, but other armies have full preview on their units,…

  • ETC 2018 Team Canada Applications

    Scorbol - - ETC


    Hey guys, where are you located in Canada ? I would gladly play against you to help you train. I'm in Montreal.

  • Quote from Crimpolene: “I just ordered a bunch of pistols and small muskets (count as pistols) for my characters and militia from these guys: https:…machines-guns-all-periods My pistoleers are heavy cavalry from Horcata minis, mounted on extra Perry horses (my knightly orders are Perry men at arms on Foreforge horses, so I have horses left over). My pistoleers are 90% done, and so far I'm happy with the them. ” I ordered some to make militia as well and they fit hi…

  • My profile and then images ?

  • Well yes I got them all check the gallery most of them are shown there. I had to leave some in France cause my case was to heavy but I bring them here this Christmas. Quality is good, despite a few assembly problem. Only bad thing, the pikes that are soft metal and keep bending ... not cool. @Marcos24 Not sure I get your sentence ... Do you want to name your marshal Scorbol ?

  • Thank you, I checked them of course but I went for a Tercios kickstarter and perry's miniature mainly. I think I have more than enough models By the way If someone is interrested I might sell a part of the kickstarter because I bought too much, just le me know.. Time to paint !

  • Mate that is a glorious idea Thanks !

  • Perfect thank you a lot lads.

  • Hi guys, sorry long time since last update... But I moved to Canada, started working, visiting,... so not much time for toys eh ! I did some progress that I would like to share : - Painted my marshall/prelate, wanted a dark armour and I went for NMM, Photo is awful and he has some varnish, even mat, that reflects when i take a picture...……ffe34ac15a503761b743991db - Converted some gryph riders, aka raptor rider…

  • OK guys this is not clear to me... sorry So you check if you are in front or flank before pivoting ?? Then you pivot so you can contact in the corresponding facing ? And also I thought the enemy could not have any charge reactions because of random movement... Can you clarify this please ?

  • Quote from KeyserSoze: “Quote from Scorbol: “So I can pivot in order to hit the flank even if a regular charge would get me to the front ? ” No, you have to determine that before ” What do you mean ?

  • Hello, question about steam tank and random movement. Since I don't declare a charge, I guess the orientation of the charge is determined by the point of impact ? So I can pivot in order to hit the flank even if a regular charge would get me to the front ? Thanks

  • Green Stuff World

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    Hi folks, I have ordered a lot of stuff from this company back in France and I can only recommend it. Question for @greenstuffworld or anyone who can answer it : I live in Canada, Montreal at the moment and I know there is custom fee for stuff coming from Europe. Do you have any clue of how much it could be ? Thanks

  • ETC 2018 Team Canada Applications

    Scorbol - - ETC


    Hi there, I think I've already contacted you via Facebook about the Montreal community. I'm trying to gather players there but people seem to be stuck in 8th or older editions, don't really know why... If anyone knows people interrested in trying 9th around Montreal, I would be happy to introduce them. It could give us the opportunity to make events between Ottawa, Quebec and here... I will try to organize tournaments also, I'm contacting stores to check the temerature about that. Anyway if you …

  • Hello folks, I just arrived in Montreal and I am looking for a Flat with my GF. IF any of you heard of a sublet for august or a lease transfer around Rosemont, Laurier, Baubien, Mile end, Outremont... WOuld be amazing. Gaming wize, can someone tell me the place to be (play) in this town ? Cheers.

  • Allright thanks, so you never had issues about pointy lances or "sharp" metal figures at security check ? It would be a shame to take it and being told that I can"t bring my models.. thanks

  • Hi thanks guys ! I forgot to specify that I only plan to bring models and that I will have another box with the hobby supplies (paint, knives.. etc) in my checked luggage. The plan is to take a a medium feldherr case with models only as a cabin bag so i'm sure models are safe. I guess only the sharpness of models could be a problem but it's not a knife either... If anyone can certify this it would be great, otherwise I will call the airport or the company. Many thanks.

  • Hi everyone, I'm moving from France to Canada in about 2weeks for a year or so. I intend to take with me some models to play/paint with there. My question for those who have been travelling with models is if you had any troubles taking models in your cabin bag (I have a medium feldherr bag that fits the size regulation) ? I'm wondering if they could consider models being dangerous material (sharp items... etc) I prefer to have models with me rather than in the hold. Answer would be very much app…

  • I used perry footknights (lovely and cheap models) from where I added shields on the back or some arms. - I also swaped heads for maxmini's conquistadors. Shields are from Warewoolf conquistador style models that I duplicated using blue stuff in order to be cheap and to get a certain homogeneity around the army. Picture below.……ffe34ac15a503761b743991db Cheers.

  • HI, thanks. No I didn't because I don't like them so much... I prefer the tercios that I have