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  • Why is everyone so stupid?

    Lagerlof - - General Discussion


    Quote from ja9nge: “Quote from Phosphorus: “Whiners about whiners are, well, still also whiners, aren´t they? ” What about whiners about whiners about whiners? ” Paradox!

  • Why is everyone so stupid?

    Lagerlof - - General Discussion


    Quote from Phosphorus: “Quote from baexta: “Why is everone so stupid, except me? Why is it that everyarmy gets buffed (one of my two new favorite words) and only my army gets nerfed (second favorite word) into OBLIVION? (It doesn't really matter which army i'm playing, the truth is adaptable here) Why can't the people involved with (I guess) hundreds of hours of their time in game design see what I can clearly see after quickly reading a spoiler? I don't even need context or point costs for that…

  • Mammoth StabberUnits with this upgrade and with at least one Full Rank count as having Impact Hits (D3) with Strength 5 and MultipleWounds (D3+1, Towering Presence). These Impact Hits are applied by the unit, not by individual models in the unit(theImpact Hits do not gain additional Strength from more additional Ranks). If you are in a challenge you are safe from the impact hits (the model in a challenge, not its unit)

  • Quote from proghodet: “1. Okay, good! It seemed a bit much. However, I'm having trouble finding a statement that supports it, both in the description of the weapon in the VS armybook, and in the rulebook under shooting. The troop type says infantry, and the weapon says "shooting weapon", and I couldn't find anything under either of those that support it either Lastly I checked the Multiple Shots (X) rule, which states that a model may choose to fire multiple times instead of a single time in eac…

  • Why is everyone so stupid?

    Lagerlof - - General Discussion


  • Quote from Ratatoeskr: “Quote: “The first time a Fire Phoenix loses its last wound [...] place a marker on the centre of the model’s final position.[...] at the start of the remaining moves sub-phase in the next Player Turn, the owner places the Fire Phoenix model [...] back onto the table. The center of the model must be placed within 3" of its marker and more than 1" away from other models and impassable terrain, facing any direction (if this is not possible, the Fire Phoenix cannot be returne…

  • Quote from Irondaemon: “Which are the exceptions for going over the maximum of +3 on the casting/dispel roll? And is Mark of Change one of them? (For casting) ” From memory the only one I know is dispelling bound spells. Unless noted otherwise, it doesnt work.

  • Quote from Elijah: “Quote from Lagerlof: “Quote from Elijah: “If I pass my reform check, I can show my opponent my flank/rear as long as I do not reduce the amount of models which can attack, am I right? ” I guess you mean combat reform.Yes you can, special case if you have characters in the unit. ” Thank you. What is the difference with a character in? ” Characters have to be in the front rank, and characters can't be moved out of close combat. That might prevent you from turning your flank or …

  • Quote from Elijah: “If I pass my reform check, I can show my opponent my flank/rear as long as I do not reduce the amount of models which can attack, am I right? ” I guess you mean combat reform. Yes you can, special case if you have characters in the unit.

  • Quote from Kisscool: “Quote from Kisscool: “Quote from Round of Combat Sequence: “Each Combat Round is divided into the following steps: 1 Start of Round of Combat. 2 Choose Weapon (see Close Combat Weapon section). 3 Make Way (see Character section). 4 Issue and Accept Challenges (see Character section). 5 Roll attacks (in Initiative order): ... ” When does a fear test happen ? "At the start of each Combat Round,..." Hint : The weapon master rule say "At the beginning of each Round of Combat, "…

  • Quote from Soulgnawer: “An infantery character (with light troop) who join a non light troop unit after a march move could use a shooting weapon ? Thks ” For the purpose of shooting, treat the movement of a character that joins a unit as seperate. So he marched, but he will lose Light Troops when joining the unit, so no shooting. The unit can shoot without any penelties if they don't move before he joins however.

  • Quote from Thebloodyharpy: “When a unit has failed its charge and has moved the failed charge distance, can a character join the unit. I couldn't find anything in the rules which says he can't. ” He can yes.

  • Quote from Klethormhar: “Impaler attack is not a shooting attack, it's a artillery weapon attack so no ” So artillery weapons are not shooting attacks?

  • Quote from proghodet: “Okay, so if the pursued unit got farthest, and the un-pursued unit got the shortest - should the pursuing unit take a dangerous terrain test, or does he just ignore / run past the un-pursued unit? ” He would stop 1” away from the un-pursued unit. But the pursued unit dies anyway if you roll high enough

  • Quote from Mamut: “Quote from Adam: “Is it possible for two units, engaged in the same combat against single enemy unit, to get stuck against each other during pursuit or overrun (or do they ignore each other)? ” They get stuck. You can use it to your advantage though, for example if you have a unit with frenzy that you don't want to run off. Remember that whan stating which unit does what after a combat(pivot, reform, overrun etc.) you have to state in which order the units will overrun, also r…

  • Quote from badman341980: “Attributes are cast when you cast a spell with succes. So, the attribute comes after the initial spell. ” Only 16 minutes too late

  • Quote from Beardling: “Hey hey, quick question: UD turn, UD unit charges enemy unit, enemy unit flees. Sand scorpion arrives via Underground ambush and entry point scatters under the fleeing unit. Its a charge with no charge reaction allowed. What happens? a) Close combat? (i think this is impossible cause fleeing units can not engage in CC) b) Fleeing unit flees again? (Not sure because fleeing is a charge reaction and thus not allowed) c) unit is destroyed because its is fleeing and went into …

  • Quote from SnakeEyes: “Here's a question about the Reaper Rule from VC: Can unit of Wraiths or Spectral Hunters perform a reform while standing inside an opponent's unit ? If yes, they could walk into the unit while in a one rank formation, reform so that every Wraith/Hunter touches the unit, reform into their old formation, turn around, walk out of the other unit and place themselves in front of the other unit. ” Note how you measure the movement during sweeping attacks. From starting position,…

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “Does a unit with stubborn suffer -1 of fear if they arent immune to psychologie? Its no combat score. ” Yes

  • Quote from deeyo: “I am sure this has been asked. A bit hard to check through mobile. If i cast a permanent spell (e. G.- 1 armor save) on a unit that has a hero what happens when he exits. What about till next round hex or augment? What about rip? Will the answer change if a hero joins? ” I think you can find all your answers on page 37, Spell Duration.