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  • CaN8GHy.jpg Chaos Dwarf/Hobgoblin Watchtower Artwork Challenge! Lots of prizes, 3 week's deadline. Like to draw or paint pictures? Scribble something and join the fun! Also, remember that you can always donate your artwork for Infernal Dwarf purposes in T9A gallery.

  • Christmas Avatars

    Karak Norn Clansman - - WWW Topics


    But it isn't December yet! This is like shops dressing up for Christmas in October.

  • And here are the gunnery team entries!

  • @Giladis : Your will be done! Didn't do so out of routine, since these were drawn with Warhammer Chaos Dwarfs in mind. Anyhow, if any detail inclusion crosses the line it should be easy enough for you to not make use of that particular design, or ignore this or that particular element if the rest of a design happens to be desired. YBhApCN.jpg

  • Food for thought regarding architecture. As always, use whatever you like, should you wish to grab anything: VmhwQFM.png

  • Neat. Also, on the subject on Elves (in case any idea is of use).

  • The bits of @Carcearion are very useful to add Infernal Dwarf flavour to units, such as he has done with the backbanner for these Orc Slaves. You'll want his value sprues at the very least: Uz9YVYs.jpg

  • Yes, but one simply does not think straight when lying sick at home. And more importantly than a mere reference to Google, a picture from it. IMG_8280.JPG

  • Are anyone here in a position to compare size between Shieldwolf Orcs and GW Orcs in pictures? A customer had some thoughts over which bodies to use for the slave orc heads, and his ponderings on Shieldwolf Mountain Orcs seemed like the perfect basis to use for oppressed and hunched slave Orcs. We'd both like to see a size comparison to GW Orcs if possible. Mountain_Orc_Infantry.jpg

  • Dear Vampire Covenant collector, have your massive Zombie tar pits looked oddly denuded without some rotting Orcs or twelve to cheer them up? Maybe a gladiatorial touch or a shiver of cruelty á la flaying? Click spoiler: (Hidden Content) Oh, and if it hasn't been mentioned already, perhaps a Goblin on a spike (Zealot Miniatures) Assyrian-style, but not too far from Dracula? (Hidden Content)

  • @Feanor83 : The Tjublings? Minihammer variant of T9A or a similar wargame or even skirmish game, with every distance halved? Or better yet, to help give a 28mm Infernal Dwarf army worthy surroundings on tabletop and spice up terrain by chucking some tjublings in as architectural statuary (would look neat on some scenery besides Adrian's Maghmôrin Realm Gate). Needn't be something enormous, could be just a sacrificial altar or shrine. Do double duty as scenery piece and visual background on the a…

  • The tall host of Zhurem-Zhalkazinulbar marched out with heavy steps, hate and greed writ upon their bearded faces and devotional mysticism evident in their dark voices as they sang their hymns and dirges and recited their mantras and mouthed their fervent prayers. The omens had been good, and due sacrifice in blood had been offered up to the altar fires. The fickle gods were now all on their side, and this true knowledge made every man beam with haughty pride and cruel confidence. Their demeanou…

  • Dear Vermin Swarm collector, have your massive Slave unit tar pits looked oddly denuded without some rowdy, downtrodden Orc Slave or twelve to cheer them up? Maybe a gladiatorial touch or a shiver of cruelty? Click spoiler: (Hidden Content) Oh, and if it hasn't been mentioned already, perhaps a Goblin on a spike (Zealot Miniatures) to show who's boss in the underworld? (Hidden Content)

  • @jirga : The Weta Workshop style is sweet indeed! Dear Orc & Goblin collector, do you want some enslaved Orcs who misbehaved in the eyes of your warlord, or just a defeated tribe pressed into service as arrow fodder? Maybe a gladiatorial touch, or a sliver of cruelty? Click spoiler (also included the Hobgoblin release in passing, since it's green...): (Hidden Content) Oh, and if it hasn't been mentioned already, perhaps a Goblin on a spike (Zealot Miniatures) to adorn the underworld? (Hidden Con…

  • Good shieldwall ranking with the spearelves! My brother has always wanted a true phalanx of Elves, and this is one step closer. Points for posing, and best of luck!

  • @Kasocles : Rozmax' Dwarves of Fire Canyon were well detailed enough to start with, but Adrian has perfected his medium and brought us the most realistically detailed Infernal Dwarf miniatures ever produced. @Zanthrax : Thank you kindly! I appreciate it. Dear Infernal Dwarf collector, have you been waiting for something to model Orc slave units with? Click spoiler: (Hidden Content) Plus 15mm Tjublings, of 28mm interest for architecture decoration or even for some diorama of a mad scientist creat…

  • Breaking news: Slavery products out now! Slave Orc Heads of Ancient Times qFYKixj.jpg Hobgoblin Slavedrivers of Ancient Times 3HnzESP.jpg ________________________________ Scarred feet trundled across the ashen wastes to the constant rattle of chains. Many of those feet had less then their usual number of toes. On high, the sun glared hot and dry, its blistering gaze only interrupted by billowing volcanic plumes from a distant stretch of young mountains. The land was ruthless, and so were its in…

  • Slave Orc Heads of Ancient Times qFYKixj.jpg These heads are out now! Order your Slave Orc heads here: Also on Etsy and on Blogspot. Priced at €9 per each kit of 12 heads upon release. Cast in whitemetal by Czech Custom Made Miniatures, who went to unusual lengths with the mould in order to preserve texture on the heads. Size comparison, first picture of painted Orcs with bodies from other manufacturer provided by Bloodbeard, second such picture by Carcearion: MpgNOSs.jpg Z5Z57n1.jpg Uz9YVYs.jpg…

  • Titan Wargames have released new Goblin characters, and a Goblin warband offer: Goblin King Old Horncrown 606453681.jpg Goblin Shaman 606453160.jpg The Court of the Goblin King: Goblin Warband 606445119.jpg

  • You'll find a hopefully complete list of Infernal Dwarf producers here, and much of it also in the miniature wiki (will have to shovel over and reformat all the links into the wiki sometime...) There is a wealth of manufacturers with rank and file models to choose from: Norba, MOM, Lost Kingdoms, Forgeworld, Ewal Dwergar, Russian Alternative, Mantic, Scibor, Titan Wargames and Werewoolf Miniatures from the top of the head. There's also a whole slew of producers of odd pieces like characters/adve…