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  • 30% off???? Is this true????

  • Yep. I just called the store to verify.

  • @Origin I believe I remember your post was about wanting a “how to” review of the book when it is finally released? That is doable and I’m pretty sure YouTube will be full of videos like that. Follow “Wargaming from the Balcony” as they do tactic shows and army reviews. The understanding though is that all that would be opinions. Also, the book will be released and then there is a period of public playtesting, so depending on the public data something may change again, altering the previous tact…

  • Yeah, I’m looking for something to field as the new spoilered Ancient Feldrake. Do you have anything with paired weapons, while we’re at it?

  • I think the issue with those polls isn’t that there was an “agenda”, but that there was no clear instructions on what they were or what they were intended for...and that now they are being pretty stringent on sticking with them for design. I wish the list had been kept to just a basic guideline of a few items and that would have given much more design freedom. However, I’m not sure much would have been different than what has been done due to all the other factors associated with the army and th…

  • Quote from Ipower: “Not much to spoil, only change was old frenzy goes to fury(6 to hit is 2 hits) and new frenzy. Obviously I can't comment on price changes. ” I think y’all scared them away.

  • The manifestations are a HUGE deal in a tournament army.

  • In no way do I want to sound harsh, or unconcerned in my reply here...however, due to the nature of it, it may be interpreted that way, because truth hurts sometimes. Again, why do you (plural, no directness here) bash T9A for “invalidating our models”? Please forward your hate to Games Workshop. Do these same people contact Joe or Randy over at Mantic and scream at them for why KoW isn’t more like Warhammer? Do these people contact Mierce or Avatars and tell them that their sculpts do not look …

  • The wheels have been turning for many months on the different lists and exciting new builds that I can now do with WDG. In my opinion, the people that embrace some of the new options to list building will do very well, as your opponents will have never seen it. I know I see more of the inner workings than you (for now), but there are some heartburn changes, but the big picture book is coming together very nicely. As it has been said, things are possible for change in this working stage, and thes…

  • @HRBP Back in the day, Chris used to run the Colonial GT in that area every year. Cherry Hill, Clark, Elizabeth (or Elizabethtown, I can’t remember), and there was something at a mall one year. Anyway, it was always fun and would draw 10 of us from VA every time. The big club rivalry then was our IFL against NY’s Warmongers. There would be great interest for sure. The trick is to find a date that doesn’t hit the MidWest’s Buckeye, or a few of the MA’s events., like Kelly said (which is tough).

  • Quote from Giladis: “Quote from skipschnit: “Have you seen the pic of what he might be wearing? He didn’t want to be double ridiculed. ” Dear Sir does that sounds almost like a grudge match challenge! ” If I could be in Chicago, I would definitely take that match...I’d even dress as Arsenio Hall for your Eddie.

  • Have you seen the pic of what he might be wearing? He didn’t want to be double ridiculed.

  • We don’t know if that situation was in actual game mode or just 1 on 1 dice roll comparisons. So, put down the defibrillators....

  • First book, first army

  • No. There will be other banners that are just as great. To me, it’s now a decision on what to put on them (in a good way). In a friendly game, then you can tailor the unit of course. In a tournament environment, the choice is going to be a little harder depending on how you want to use the unit. Not everybody uses Cuatls so there are options, especially in the big picture with all the other stuff in the book. This is just a tiny glimpse.

  • SA Core

    skipschnit - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Skink cavalry, the non-flying variety, or just the Raptors themselves. Weapon Beast units without the shooting. Units of smaller dinosaurs (old metal triceratops models)...

  • BH - Fredrick Reveal

    skipschnit - - Beast Herds (BH)


    Chad, you’ll finally be able to take down Shannon with this book!

  • I’ll check into it, but most of your interpretation was spot on. Each team has their own way of delivering the spoilers. It is suppose to read as an article with a little flair. If you do not want this and only want the few sentences of facts (that may change), then let us know.

  • Quote from SkavenAZ: “As a non-VS player - do you think this is how VS should be played? Does this sound like fun to you? Or tactically challenging? ” This is a legitimate question for all and would help with the book overhaul when its time comes.