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  • Colonial Carnage V

    bubafett - - Mid-Atlantic


    mentioned it to some people. We will see. Long travel for some people and we also have a team ecent every year up here. I agree they are the most fun events but hard to pin down which is "best "

  • Quote from Nicreap: “I will hopefully be registering tomorrow when I get paid, 3 pay checks in 1 month makes it easier to squeeze out the funds ” glad to hear it Nick. Looking forward to seeing those VS done and on the table painted Quote from Fergus: “The Gimp has thrown his hat into the ring for cornerHammer GT As a bonus The WCW Widowmakers are back for the TT on Friday.....wooo Ric-Flair-WM_original.jpg ” awesome Fergus. Who's the other widowmaker? WOOOOOOOO Quote from Goatsplitter: “Quote f…

  • approaching 30 paid signups and most of those aren't even people who previously signed up early before registration started. So almost basically half full so start getting your money and to reserve your spot! First come first serve

  • Quote from Woody: “will there be a beer fuelled meet up before the event? ” of course. Lenny was going to plan a outing in Chicago including bar hoping or something along those lines

  • Quote from lanceocletian: “Does anyone outside the NE region want to do a 1st round challenge? I'm coming from NYC. ” sure why not. Guarantees me at least one new opponent I Jeremy g accept the grudge @lanceocletian @gjnoronh is it too late ?

  • Quote from SirMC2015: “My group plans on attending next year or any other time you have an event. This year was just bad for us. Good luck everyone! ” slackers! You're killing me mark! Here I was trying to give you any chance at Revenge

  • Quote from WAARGHammer: “money lol money is the issue. basically no tournaments in 2018 unless they are in my state or within driving distance. ” I know several people from around your area that are planning on coming and probably driving. Could always carpool

  • Quote from WAARGHammer: “sooooo. gonna have to bail on this one due to shiny bits not being in the cards. ” don't understand this analogy....

  • Quote from legionsofodin: “mine too! Let's have a party! ” and call it cornerhammer by party! Everyone's invited!

  • Quote from eggsPR: “It's official, sign me up homie. ” official as in you paid? Nothing is official until money changes hands

  • until it gets nerfed and told must be on army list

  • Come on @el rey , grab kaare and get over here !

  • Quote from Giladis: “Any more of us coming and it will be like ETC highlights in Chichago ” absolutely. It's the American ETC I'm getting so dang excited for this that I'm almost forgetting I'm a TO for it haha

  • Quote from Woody: “Quote from bubafett: “new signup from Ireland to add-on England, Croatia, Canada, Mexico, and potentially Netherlands and Norway! Why does diversity we are going to have for this event. Get signed up now! ” Suppose I may as well head along too. ” I just got hard. I'll wear a kilt in your honor all weekend ! to go find a kilt......

  • new signup from Ireland to add-on England, Croatia, Canada, Mexico, and potentially Netherlands and Norway! Why does diversity we are going to have for this event. Get signed up now!

  • bump refresh. Get your money in too ensure your swag bag by end of the year

  • maybe instead of the MM we get for trait spell we get a augment that begatws magic weapons in base contact. Would buff our combat ability that we need

  • Quote from ukrocky: “Was that spoiler of the trait spell a joke? Or is that really it..? Rather than something beastly like: - Magic Move - Swarm of insects - Summoning a beast - Mini transformation of Kadon - Bonus when in wood - Summon a 1 turn wood - Letting a unit reambush - Something to with DT - Something to do with Looted Booze - A S/T/OS/DS boost - Something to help against enemies ranged attacks - Healing wounds to boost our monsters We get that? Really? The only use of this is in the L…

  • Quote from SaM: “Quote from Origin: “Quote from WhammeWhamme: “[GOMIO'S NOTE: We have been allowed to share with you that the new Frenzy won't imply forced overruns anymore, good news for the Kadim Family.] ” from Infernal Dwarves sneak peak ” Yeeeahh! Finally chosen of wrath would playable! ah no, wait, there won't be wrath anymore.. ” wrath still there......just not the same and not the clear choice anymore

  • am I the only one that noticed he's hinting at no more dispel scrolls.......?