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  • Quote from Stevone13: “Even if in the section special attack-breath- says can be “use” like shooting weapon or melee attack?! ” No, it's a special attack, just as he said. Just because it can be used as a shooting attack doesn't mean it doesn't have to follow the rules for special attacks. Quote from Nesro: “Breath attack is 2d6 automatic Hits. Poison only workes if you roll to hit. So it does not matter anyways?! ” Dread Elves assassins have poisons with different additional effects, like MW2 a…

  • Quote from Alzam: “Quote from Elijah: “About skirmisher: Can they now shoot in each direction without reforming? ” Yes, you see in every direction, and you only need to see someone for shoot at him. Quote from Stevone13: “Hi guys, a question... if i have an assassin with the dragon staff and the bloodroot poison, can i apply the rules of the poison to the breath? Beacause breath is a shooting attack and poison r apply to every melee and shooting attack, not made by enchated weapon... ” No.A Brea…

  • Better armor save would make sense, but no special save needs to stay IMO.

  • Quote from cakaga: “Can a single unit character refuse to duel? Even when it is the only unit lock in the combat and enemy character issue the duel. Before, it has rule called nowhere to hide, but now it doesn't. I still want to check and make sure. ” You dont refuse with a specific character, you refuse a challenge and then the opponent choses which one of your characters refused (and there is only one choice)

  • I have 26 models in my 4500 OK list. Fits in a standard tool box with custom layers.

  • I would not spend to much time with the new piece "chasm" is you were thinking of that. The rules for that one is terrible so I don't know if it will be around much longer. Everything else is fine!

  • Dread Elves 2.0 Beta Armybook

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    Quote from Zack: “Sorry, I don't know what 'reckt' means ” Wrecked

  • Bound spell

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    This is clearly written in the rules You found nothing about it?

  • There are very few exceptions. Fleeing through enemy units and the Traps from Scrapling Trappers are the ones I can think of.

  • Quote from kangur: “Quote from LeXincerta: “Quote from kangur: “My last games were with double Kraken . Thing is ,maybe we can merge his Districting and Hard target into one rule . Why? As long Districting is not stacking with Shaken Effect is a drawback for him. After failed fear check would be awsome if he will be hit with -2 What do you think? ” Why it isn ot stacking? those are 2 separate modifiers from separate rules. ” Yes but the rule of Districting say it can't be stack .Am I wrong @Lage…

  • Quote from Tanis: “Could a unit overrun more than once in single combat phase? ” yes

  • Quote from jefe8699: “Is a battle standard bearer worth +1 or +2 combat score? The +2 would be for being a battle standard and an extra for a standard. ” 1

  • Quote from “Hi there! I have a relatively simple question: what is the size of the terrain in 2.0? Do they change in any significant way compared to those of 1.0? We plan to prepare a dedicated set of terrains for 2.0, and we would not like to make a mistake about this Best regards Rafal Terrains4Games ” Sizes should be roughly the same as 1.3, nothing really changed. Having some smaller and some bigger is probably the best.

  • OK General chat

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    Quote from bk5b: “Can someon please explain what does Scraplin Lookout now do, since I can't hide my characters in 2nd row? ” Scrapling look out and having characters in the 2nd or first row has nothing to do with each other..

  • Quote from Dan: “That’s what we concluded, however I wasn’t sure if the emboldened “cannot” in the Slayer text meant anything significant. ” It's the same type of modifier, and when you have two of cannot/never you apply them so that you have the least chance of success.

  • Quote from Kathal: “Quote from Mr.Owl: “@Blonde Beer or @Giladis do you have an answer to 533 / 534? ” Wrong guys, @fjugin or @Lagerlof are the guys for this. Greetings, Kathal ” No idea why. But it doesnt affect their random hits Quote from Dan: “Slayer’s wound on no worse than a 4+ vs. Shamanism’s no better than a 5+? ” 5+, check priotmrity of modifiers

  • Just like a unit can be 99% obscured but you have LoS to one model, a unit can be mostly behind models of bigger size. So you still have los to them, but not over/through the models that are bigger

  • Quote from cakaga: “But I quote it..... I copied it from your thread... ” (If you see a part of the unit, same scenario)

  • Quote from cakaga: “OH, Suddenly I found another mistake that I have, The hill now can not block LOS? "Just as a hill blocks LoS completely, you can still see a unit behind it but it gets hard cover. (If you see a part of the unit, same scenario)" The models behind still can be seen by others? So why would hard cover say anything about 50% of unit obscured? I get more and more confusing now. ” That was 100 % not what I said...