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  • Regarding the cwagon and altar. If we wanted a 5+ regen list before it would cost 800 - a pretty hefty but fair cost. I do _not_ see the problem with 4+/5+ regen on the center of the army (it rarely reached all units) given Flaming Banner is now 0-3. I still think the best and easiest hotfix is to revert those two units to previous rules - that way the cost of the regen bubble is high (fair enough) and both wagons will be of use. And get rid of the 5+ max so the zdragon and shorror are at least …

  • Going "back" as part of a hotfix is not a problem I think - quite the opposite. Going back to something that does work as part of a hotfix is about the only right thing to do. Big cudo's to the teams for giving a good go at some new rules, but if they don't work reverting to rules that do work to be the second best solution. The best - obviously - being a complete redesign but I think we all understand the challenges involved with that and that is not an option right now. It's not as if I would …

  • Well, in terms of fixing the Cadaver Wagon and the Altar the - almost too - easy solution would be to revert to their previous design. With the following changes: * The Alter should keep the current shooting setup - it's nice with the ranged option although only useful after T3. * Only possible to give +1 to cast with appropriately priced upgrade. Those two choices were not broken before and they certainly are not broken now. /K

  • Now I'm confused ... Does Barrow Knights have adv/mar of 8/16 (as stated in the profile) or do the suffer -1 from barding ?

  • Well, a few observations so far: * Strigoi is slightly overpriced. * Winged Reapers are still way overpriced. * The changes to the Cadaver Wagon could work but to make it worth while set the regen cap at 3+. * The Altar of Undeath seems like a total waste of points. It does nothing in general and the shooting will do nothing until turn 4. * Night's Crown - removing Strength but not AP ? Hmmm ... I would suggest making the Cadaver Wagon as before but with Lightning Reflexes as general 6" buff, +2…

  • Site stability/connection

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    Nope, no idea as of yet There does not appear to be anything wrong with the servers (initially) so I will have to dig further into this. Hard to replicate though ... /K EDIT: Found it. One of the webservers panics and reboots every 1-2 min. I've disabled that one for now - site may be a little slow, but should be stable. Building new webserver right away ... sigh MORE: Fixed. New webserver in place and everything should be back to normal again.

  • Well, have looked over the book and made a few test-lists. A couple of things springs to mind: * The Alter seems rather useless now. Frenzy is not relevant at all and Battle Focus is more a gimmick. It's a nice enough chariot but can we please have it do something useful ? * The nerf to magic res., no scroll or aether icon seems to make lists without wizards rather challenged. Any thoughts / planned changes ? Other than that I think it looks good and I can't wait to start testing !

  • Hmmpph ... hate when that happens. Well, likely a caching issue maybe a local one.

  • I can't see detect any problems ... download how ?

  • @tiny - I am pretty sure it was the same thing.

  • Hi everyone, I've looked into this and the cause of the 503 error has been found and fixed. I am working on the loading time in general and expect an improvement sometime in the next 2-3 days. Thank you for your patience. /K

  • This may have been asked and answered, but ... For VC does the Black Standard of Zagvozd grant 4++ against hits/wounds caused by Mad Gits / Wrecking Teams ? Cheers

  • Well, I must say ... problem got solved magically without me even having to do anything ! Impressive

  • Problems with Challenges

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    Well, I like the challenge rules just as they are. For me they add some good fun and important things: * Allow for a cinematic one-on-one. * For a lot of armies it's a way of handling enemy super-lords. Without it they would be hard-pressed to stop or even slow these down. I see some arguments that all armies have ways of stopping dragons and greater daemons. Well, I do not agree at all. These are for the most part flying so any decent player will not allow them to be bogged down by 30 goblins u…

  • Option 2 - would be awesome if it would be possible to make various poses ! Looks really good

  • Shhhh ... we're hunting rabbits ... or training for the event

  • Quote from Arturius: “@Gunslinger, @Scottish Knight asked me to send you some cookies to shorten that time because without 9th Age he feels almost like without a beer ! Quote from Scottish Knight: “Help! Edward here (Scottish Knight). I haven't been able to log in since yesterday using my Google third party log in for my account. Because that's how I log in, I can't get a new password. Any way to fix this before my inbox explodes?? Thanks! Edward ” ” OMG ! OMG ! OMG ! That's just ... horrible ! …

  • I have not tried but likely it's because HTTPS is not enabled yet. I will look into that in the next 2-3 days.

  • VC changes in 1.3

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    Quote from Kpl.blutch: “Quote from Ereius: “too many convoluted restrictions will not fly with blt or rt. ” Well. You incouraged people in here to come up with suggestions for different play styles witht he armies There is 3 restrictions, and none of them should be hard to understand from the wording, not even for beginners And one of the things being asked for on the forum, is the possibility of making themed armies. (This could be a "creatures of the night-theme) If you want to minimize the it…

  • VC changes in 1.3

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    Quote from Kpl.blutch: “Hey @Gunslinger how about this one 2. option for strigoi bloodline "Zombies and skeletons, including cavalry, may not be taken in the army, and may not be raised during the game. No mage in the army may know more than 2 spells including any boundspells All ghouls in the army gets 5+ regeneration. The first two units of ghasts bought in the army count as scoring" The idea is to make a more fighty - less magic oreintented army. I don't know if the army would be good or not …